Best Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

Best Honeymoon Destinations Turkey

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey
Best Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey, If you want to spend the most important and unforgettable journey of your life in an unforgettable place, Turkey will be one of the best countries to travel to. Spending a honeymoon in Turkey is much more affordable than in all other foreign countries because we can use the facilities and good atmosphere and clean air well.

Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

There are many cities in Turkey that you can choose from for your honeymoon. If you are unfamiliar with cities in this part of the world and don’t know which city is right for you and your partner, then follow us to introduce the best travel spots for young couples in Turkey.

Adrasan, Antalya

Adrasan, the resort of Antalya, famous for its calm and tranquility, has become one of the most famous trekking routes globally, the end of the Lycian Way. Surrounded by the natural beauties of the Mediterranean, the beach is a honeymoon route suitable for backpackers with a head-listening environment. During your trip to Adrasan, you can participate in boat tours where you will meet other Turkuz bays in the surrounding area, swim in pirate and Pastor bays on the way to Gelidonya Lighthouse, and see Suluada with its crystal-Glowing Sea of glass. Another beauty of Adrasan; it is also very close to Olympus in the same concept and to the ancient cities of Olympos and Faselis. We also know that you have options for accommodation, such as camping or staying in tree houses.

Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey
Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

KAS, Antalya

another miracle founded by the Lycians in Kas. With its ancient richness, Azure coves, and historical values, it appeals to both backpackers and travel lovers who do not want to compromise their comfort. Just like Adrasan, Kas, located on the Lycian Road, is home to the ancient cities of Patara, Simena, Myra, Xanthos, and Letoon, and has the most beautiful bays and the perfect beach of our country on the borders of Kaputas, which will always make this place privileged in our eyes. Besides all this, the sunken city of Kekova, the island of Meis, 20 minutes away, Kas, with its colorful venues and delicious dishes, is one of the most beautiful places that you can prefer for a honeymoon in Turkey for us.

Faralya, Fethiye

the village of Faralya, located next to the Valley of butterflies, has become one of Turkey’s must-see places with its supernatural views and Concept Hotels. Faralya, where both hostels and concept honeymoon hotels are located, makes its claim to honeymoon destinations with its unique sunsets, lush nature, vast valley views, and activity opportunities. During your honeymoon holiday in Faralya, you can add to your trip list: Lycian Way walking, Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley, Kabak Valley, paragliding from Babadag, boat tour, and diving events in Fethiye bays.

Turkey Honeymoon

turkey honeymoon
Turkey honeymoon

Gocek, Fethiye

famous for its yacht ports and yacht tourism, Gocek is one of the most popular and social holiday resorts in our country; it settles naturally in our list of honeymoon destinations in Turkey with its calm nature, unique bays, and boat tours. Among the Azure bays decorated with abundant green, the most popular are Sıralıbük, Sarsala, Bedri Rahmi, Yassıcalar, Cleopatra, and Göbün bays. Already with this sentence, We think that your honeymoon concept in Gocek has become obvious! As one of Turkey’s rare holiday centers that are not reinforced, Gocek should definitely be among the routes you will think about.

Selimiye, Marmaris

one of the trend holiday routes in Marmaris in recent years, Selimiye is a small fishing village that can remain peaceful and Virgin. Selimiye, the hidden paradise of the Bozburun Peninsula, undoubtedly owes its sheltered state to its path, which is not easily accessible. The fact that yachts frequented touring the Aegean and Mediterranean makes the village an outstanding stop, while the unique bays in the boat tours programs add a little more fame to Selimiye’s reputation every day. By telling all this, it is necessary to try its restaurants full of flavor, sunsets such as tables, and accommodation alternatives suitable for everyone.

Kalem Island, Bademli

Kalem island, connected to the village of Bademli of Dikili, is one of the cute routes that have not yet become very popular. If you are looking for a different option that you will see along with the Aegean coast on your honeymoon, we recommend that you note Kalem Island in the notebooks because the only Hotel on the island, Oliviera Resort, is famous as one of the most beautiful honeymoon hotels in the Aegean Sea. The most important issue about Kalem Island is that there are only two ways to see it; one is to stay at this hotel, and the other is to make a day pass by booking according to the hotel’s occupancy rate. Kalem Island is among the list’s romantic and luxurious alternatives. We can add that the hotel also has options for diving and water sports for those who are thinking of coming here.

Cappadocia, Nevsehir

not recommended for a sea vacation because of the season or the day of marriage, we have the domestic route, of course, Cappadocia, to fit every budget ‘cave Hotel’ begin by choosing one of the options is a trip to Cappadocia, we see the natural formations of the region, the unforgettable balloon tour, with a trip to the underground city and valley views Tasinacak you are a whole new dimension. As you enjoy your Cappadocia Hotel on your honeymoon, don’t forget to add the fairy chimneys tour in Urgup, Avanos, and Üçhisar, the balloon tour you will witness the sunrise of the Goreme Open Air Museum and the wine factories to your trip list. October November December in Cappadocia is the most beautiful place to go for a honeymoon in Turkey.

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