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Carya Golf Club Turkey

Being one of the most popular country clubs in Turkey, Carya Golf Club has launched the first fully-lighted golf course in Europe with huge investment.

The first classic, heifer-style golf course
Carya Golf Club in Belek, Antalya, is the first classic, hewn-style golf course established on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Carya, located on sloping sandy hills, is a championship course in the heart of Turkey’s golf coast.

The forms of Carya heather, grown in a large-scale nursery area, give the park a truly magnificent view. The 7,223-yard (6,605-meter) 72-par course, which runs between pine and eucalyptus trees and an impressive sand dune with free-flowing holes, puts your golf strategy to a dec test.

Carya boasts a Players’ Course, a first-class Turkey Golf Academy, and a magnificent Turkey Club House.

The address of golf day and night is “Carya Golf Club”
“Carya Golf Club”, one of the most popular golf clubs in Turkey, has launched the first fully illuminated golf course in Europe with a large investment.

Carya Golf Club illuminates all 18 holes and offers the opportunity to play golf at night in the comfort of daylight. In this way, our guests can enjoy golf in the warm climate of the Mediterranean Sea until late at night.

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Carya Belek Cub Resort, which was named the best golf destination in 2008, has been attracting an influx of golf lovers ever since.

It is almost impossible to find free space on the trails during busy golf seasons in Belek, which is preferred due to the attractive facilities offered by luxury hotels.

since lighting is provided from a height of 36 meters up to 250 Lux, the ball is fully visible, and the background is darker. Moreover, since the course turns into a completely different environment with lighting, players feel that they are playing on 18 completely different holes. Thanks to this project, which is the first of its kind not only in this region but also in all of Europe, Carya Golf Club has made a significant contribution to Turkish Tourism.

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A Brand New Golf Resort Hotel Beyond Ordinary!

Located within the Academy at Carya Golf Club. The state-of-the-art facility is fully enclosed and houses a MAT-T 3D – Motion Analysis Technology system and a Tour Workshop where specialized custom-fitting of clubs is done. Club-fitting professional on a one-to-one basis with a Carya Golf Club Academy.


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Designer of Carya Golf Club

Peter Thomson is one of the greatest professional golfers of all time. In his active career, which stretches back fifty years, he has won more than 100 tournaments around the world. Born in Australia in 1929, Peter Thomson is best known for his amazing record at the British Open Championship.

Thomson was one of four men to lift the Claret Jug trophy five times, dominating the Championship over a seven-year period from 1952 onwards, winning it four times and never finishing lower than second.

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Carya Golf Course

 Hole Meter PAR  S.I.   Hole Meter PAR  S.I. 
 391  370  348  328  305 41610  496  475  462  429  394 55
 209  181  161  141  112 31211  343  334  315  296  273 41
 416  387  349  331  303 4812  498  475  463  434  386 513
 368  349  332  291  280 4413  373  353  328  309  280 49
 364  337  325  289  279 4614  157  142  127  127  109 317
 177  150  134  134  85 31015  494  460  445  430  374 511
 553  465  442  434  412 5216  395  385  333  315  260 415
 172  156  135  135  119 31417  406  378  366  324  297 43
 383  362  342  315  289 41818  410  390  343  331  305 47
OUT  3033  2757  2568  2398  2184 34 IN  3572  3392  3182  2995  2678 38 
C.Rat. 74.9  72.3  70.4   (Mans)OUT  3033  2757  2568  2398  2184 34 
Slope 145  135  130    TOT  6605  6149  5750  5393  4862 72 
C.Rat.    73.9  71 (Ladies) 
Slope    133  127  


Score Rate=1543     (2016-09-22 -> 2022-02-09)
HoleNumber S.I.  PAR  Ave.  Diff.
HCP Average21.037Average Difference1.490



Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort support sports activities for future football stars and professional football teams with 3 FIFA-standard football fields.

3 Football fields measuring 68 X 105 meters in FIFA standards. the 320 m2 clubhouse, 2 separate dressing rooms, and 2 storage areas also offer ideal camping facilities for professional football teams.

Intraday events
Many events, tournaments, private lessons, and fun activities offered by sports instructors and the entertainment team are waiting for you throughout the day.

Motorized and non-motorized water sports, tennis and golf lessons, Latin dance classes, table tennis, darts, cycling, kickboxing, shooting games, Boccia, billiards, aerobics, Zumba, pilates, belly dancing, interactive games, fitness, soccer school

Get ready for exclusive invitations, parties, shows in the style of Moulin Rouge, as well as various events at the Regnum Carya nightclub.

Aqua World
Summer vacation is also a good opportunity for your body to meet with water and give itself up to it.

Aqua World turns this meeting into a carnival and pushes the limits of entertainment. 2500 m2 wave pool, swimming pools, water games park, family pool, speed slide, tube slide, crazy river trip, twisted slide and baby pool… In short, the unprecedented water world is eagerly awaiting its guests.

Aqua World is closed during the winter season.


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