cornelia golf club

Cornelia Golf Club


Cornelia Golf Club Opening Date: 11/5/2006

Architect: Nick Faldo 
Green grass:Bermuda 
Fairway grass:Bermuda (Tifway 419)  
Tee grass:Bermuda (Tifway 419)

Cornelia Golf Club Facilities:
The Training Area, Pata Green, Short Stroke, Green
Golf Cart, Trolley, Caddie, Rental Set,
Restaurant, Bar, Store,
Football, Tennis,
David Ledbetter, Golf Academy


golf in cornielia

Cornelia Golf Club

Special Golf Packages
Cornelia Diamond offers exclusive golf packages with luxurious comfort, hospitality, and world-class service quality. Book now to take advantage of exclusive golf packages. Enjoy a privileged stay and golf packages on the most beautiful golf course in Belek, designed by Sir Nick Faldo.

Special Golf Packages for Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa
Cornelia Diamond offers exclusive golf packages with luxurious comfort, hospitality, and world-class service quality. Book now to take advantage of exclusive golf packages. Enjoy a privileged stay and golf packages on the most beautiful golf course in Belek, designed by Sir Nick Faldo.


Cornelia Golf 

* Club House & Bar
• Advanced PGA Certified Golf Instructors
* Professional V1 Golf Teaching System
• 18-Hole golf Course
• Driving Range and Cafe
• Driving Range for Children
* Caddy & Golf Equipment Service

Cornelia Golf Club, which meets with the expertise and perspective of David Leadbetter, has given a separate look to golf education. Cornelia Golf Club David Leadbetter Golf Academy is the first and only Leadbetter branded golf academy in Turkey.

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Our golf club, which meets with the expertise and perspective of David Leadbetter, has given a separate look to golf education. Cornelia Golf Club David Leadbetter Golf Academy is the first and only Leadbetter branded golf academy in Turkey. Currently, The Leadbetter Golf Academies, which operate in elite golf centers in Europe, the United States, and Asia, has a worldwide network. Leadbetter Academy, located at Cornelia Golf Club, has started a new era by combining David Leadbetter’s educational theories and golf philosophy and has shown that golf is a game that can be easily learned by golfers of all ages and abilities. dec.

The high-quality education of David Leadbetter has led to the development of good players and new teachings around the world. Ernie Els, Charles Howell III, Trevor Immelman, Nick Price, Greg Norman, Michelle Wie, and Paula Creamer are just a few of the names we can give.


Cornelia Golf Club Golf Instructors

Uğur DiNLER – Head Trainer
Uğur started playing golf at the age of 12, starting to work as a caddie at Istanbul Golf Club in 1992. In a short time, he became the best amateur player in Turkey. he was the Turkish Amateur Champion in 1998 and 1999. He was also a member of the Dec Amateur Golf National Team from 1998 to 2000. As a natural result of his 20 personal successes in the amateur category, he switched to the professional (Pro) category in 2001. Ugur later settled in Belek from Istanbul and worked as a golf instructor at Gloria Golf Club, National Golf Club, and Millennium Golf Club respectively in the region. since 2006, he began working at the Cornelia Golf Club.

After Cornelia Golf Club started working with Leadbetter Academies, Uğur, who wanted to join the Leadbetter team with the encouragement of then Academy Director David Louys-Moroney, has been working at Cornelia Golf Club as an LGA-licensed golf instructor since 2013 by successfully completing the Leadbetter Golf Academy’s certificate program.

Ulas KARATAS – Trainer
Ulaş started his golf career in 1994 at Kemer Golf & Country Club in Istanbul when he was just 14 years old. Soon after, he became the best amateur player in Turkey. Ulaş became the Turkish Amateur Champion in 2000 and 2001, then won the Turkish Masters Championship in 2002 and 2004, and again the Turkish Republican Cup in 2002. Ulaş was a member of the Turkish National Golf Team between 2000 and 2004, and in this process, he took part in the Mediterranean Games held in Tunisia in 2000 and the World Amateur Teams Championship organized in Malaysia in 2002 as a national player. dec. he turned professional (Pro) in 2005, after which he played in some tournaments of the Euro-Pro Golf Tour and the Challenge Tour.

starting to work as a golf instructor at the Leadbetter Golf Academy, which is part of the Cornelia Golf Club project, since mid-2015, he joined the Leadbetter Golf Academy undergraduate program and became an LGA-licensed golf instructor, successfully completing it in 2019. 2nd from the Professional Golfers’ Association of Turkey Turkish English and Russian are also available for Ulaş, which has a level instructor certificate.


cornelia golf club
golf in cornielia
Cornelia Golf Course Video


Cornelia – King Course

 Hole Meter PAR  S.I.   Hole Meter PAR  S.I. 
 375  346  287  267 4710  345  320  299  275 48
 543  508  476  421 5211  562  543  503  466 51
 135  124  121  92 31212  138  123  121  96 318
 373  351  311  282 41013  381  363  338  309 414
 490  470  447  427 5414  202  184  167  132 316
 151  137  134  91 31715  347  319  297  274 411
 306  276  244  190 41516  487  458  434  386 59
 369  348  321  288 4517  348  329  310  273 46
 401  367  346  313 41318  420  403  382  347 43
OUT  3143  2927  2687  2371 36 IN  3230  3042  2851  2558 36 
C.Rat. 74.8  72  69.8  (Mans)OUT  3143  2927  2687  2371 36 
Slope 147  142  129   TOT  6373  5969  5538  4929 72 
C.Rat.    71.6 (Ladies) 
Slope    131   


Score Rate=987     (2011-02-06 -> 2022-02-09)
Holenum S.I.  PAR  Ave. Dif. 
HCP Average18.639Average Difference1.396



Cornelia – Queen Course

 Hole Meter PAR  S.I.   Hole Meter PAR  S.I. 
 345  320  299  275 4810  320  309  290  262 416
 562  543  503  466 5111  399  368  341  315 44
 138  123  121  96 31712  145  128  123  100 318
 381  363  338  309 41313  362  340  313  274 411
 202  184  167  132 31514  517  494  468  448 55
 347  319  297  274 41215  329  305  276  241 47
 487  458  434  386 5916  183  164  137  116 314
 348  329  310  273 4617  486  460  438  405 510
 420  403  382  347 4318  440  417  395  372 42
OUT  3230  3042  2851  2558 36 IN  3181  2985  2781  2533 36 
C.Rat. 74.2  71.9  69.8  (Mans)OUT  3230  3042  2851  2558 36 
Slope 146  138  130   TOT  6411  6027  5632  5091 72 
C.Rat.    72.2 (Ladies) 
Slope    135  


Score Rate=685     (2010-05-23 -> 2022-02-09)
HoleNum. S.I.  PAR  Ave.  Dif..
HCP Average20.674Average Difference1.595



Cornelia – Prince Course

 Hole Metre PAR  S.I.   Hole Metre PAR  S.I. 
 320  309  290  262 41610  375  346  287  267 48
 399  368  341  315 4411  543  508  476  421 52
 145  128  123  100 31812  135  124  121  92 312
 362  340  313  274 41113  373  351  311  282 410
 517  494  468  448 5514  490  470  447  427 53
 329  305  276  241 4715  151  137  134  91 317
 183  164  137  116 31416  306  276  244  190 415
 486  460  438  405 5917  369  348  321  288 46
 440  417  395  372 4118  401  367  346  313 413
OUT  3181  2985  2781  2533 36 IN  3143  2927  2687  2371 36 
C.Rat. 74.1  71.1  69.2  (Mans)OUT  3181  2985  2781  2533 36 
Slope 146  146  127   TOT  6324  5912  5468  4904 72 
C.Rat.    71.2 (Ladies) 
Slope    132   


Score Rate=713     (2011-05-28 -> 2022-02-09)
HoleNum. S.I.  PAR  Ave.  Dif.
HCP Dif.12.219Average Dif.0.994



Tips of Cornelia Golf Club Faldo

Pit 1 – Taurus Mountains
Make sure that your first starting stroke remains smooth and in the middle to avoid the uncultivated area of grass located on both sides of this pit. Calculate your distance measurement correctly to get to the greene, which is surrounded by difficulties compared to a short pit.

Pit 2 – Corridor
As the name suggests, the most important advice we can give you is that your ball is flat and in the middle in this pit, which is long, narrow, and flat. To avoid the deep sand barrier located around the Green, determine the area where you will drop your ball and your direction well.

Pit 3 – Jaws
It is a short but deceptively uphill par 3 hole. The green stick, which is made in a high area, makes your choice quite important. If your ball stays short of the wavy Greene, the Jaws located below the green can swallow your ball.

Pit 4 – Fox’s Nest
Although it may seem difficult and narrow from the starting point, it has a larger area than you might think. But be careful that your shot doesn’t shift excessively to the right, a fairway that curves sharply to the right can cause your shot to slide into the grassless area and your next shot to close in front of it with tall trees.

Pit 5 – The Wall
The Greene is a par 5 (five-putt) hole with an average length of, located built into the lakeshore. Although it requires a curved starting shot from right to left, a shot to the extreme left can cause the fairway to drop below dec level or enter into stunted bushes. A shot to the high part of the fairway allows you to make the second shot to Greene, and thus you will have crossed the wall.

Pit 6 – Plateau
Located on a high plateau and surrounded by steep slopes, it is really a difficult par 3 type with hard wind passes.

Pit 7 – Faldo’s Choice
The choice of Faldo is simple. If you wish, make a safe shot to the thigh area on the left side or try to reach Greene in one shot. Either way, the 3 bunkers (sand barriers) located on the right side of the green are inclined towards it. The decision you will make in this pit is important in every way in terms of control and certainty.

Pit 8 – Gemini
You need to make your starting shot from a narrow line between twin deckers located on the right side of the trail and twin pines on the left side, on the slope of the lake. If you can avoid these right-to-left settled twins, this pit rewards you with a short putt on the difficult Greene he has. If it is a long shot and the fairway is short, it will require you to make a long shot that should be knocked over the cave-style bunker built next to the green.

Pit 9 – Towards the House
It’s time to go home with a good drive to avoid the 4 bunkers placed on the fairway. A shot to the right of the fairway allows you to more clearly see the green and temple-looking clubhouse, surrounded by bunkers and hillocks.

Pit 10 – Gloomy
The ideal starting shot is a light left-to-right drive shot. But be careful not to the extreme. Because your shot may fall into a grassless field that bends from left to right. The fact that it has a narrow green surrounded by a large pine tree is another feature that you should pay attention to.

Pit 11 – Long
As the name implies, it is a really long par 5 hole, even for those who make long putts. Try to make your starting stroke curved so that it turns the corner. This way, you will have the opportunity to plan more clearly about your next shot. Be careful to stay away from the lake, deep pits and hillocks on the right side when you make your second shot to get closer to the flag. It will take a lot of effort to make money in this pit.

Pit 12 – Landing
Depending on the direction of the wind, you will have to decide whether your stroke will be long or short enough to cross the slope. Make your stick choice well and play to the center of the court.

Pit 13 – Deception / illusion
To see the pattern more clearly, make your shot to the left side. A shot to the far right will cause the fairway bunkers to affect your game, and thus you will be deceived by the trick of the pit. Do your distance measurement thoroughly.

Pit 14 – Swing
In this long and downhill par 3 hole, you need to make your starting putt curved from left to right. It will be inevitable that your shot that cannot find the green will find the grassless area located around the green.

Pit 15 – The Valley
The valley, which looks quite wide, gives you the opportunity to take a long drive. But you will have to overcome the grassless area, deep fairway bunkers, wavy fairway, and narrow green structure to make you realize that the pit is not as easy as it seems.

Pit 16 – Pond
This par 5 hole, which has an average length of, requires you to hit your starting putt curved from right to left. You can enter Greene in two strokes, avoiding the 3 fairway bunkers on the right, but keep in mind that Greene is surrounded by deep bunkers, a pond on the left, and a large lake located at the back.

Pit 17 – Front to Back
This par 4 may be a short hole but it requires a rigorous aptitude test. Make sure that your starting shot is on the fairway before preparing for the approach shot to the green of this pit, which is narrow and sloping from front to back.

Pit 18 – The Peak of the Mountain
In this hole, which is the longest of the par 4s on the field, your drive shot should be straight, long, and towards the top of the mountain. Make sure that your second shot crosses the large pine tree in the middle of the fairway, curving from left to right, and select the stick necessary to find the green.

Pit 19 – Black Hill
Aim your starting shot from the point where the shadow of the clubhouse falls to the thigh area to the right of the fairway. This allows you to clearly see the green, which is located on a high hill. The starting kick to the left side forces you to make an overhand kick over the deep bunkers that you can’t see green clearly.

Pit 20 – Eucalyptus
After an easy start, eucalyptus will put you through a rigorous test. The shot you will make from the raised starting point should be curved from left to right and turn the corner. If your fairway shot is controlled, there should be a precise shot that finds the green positioned on the lake on the right, the bunker on the left, and a slight slope ridge on the right.

Pit 21 – Dish
It is a short par 3 hole with four deep bunkers in the front and a green with a tightly guarded perimeter as the fifth one is in the back. Pay great attention to the fact that your shot finds the green, otherwise you can stay in the sand barrier for a long time.

Pit 22 – 3 Sisters
To make your Greene approach shot with a medium-sized stick, set the direction of your starting shot to cross the tall pine trees and the bunkers located on the fairway. Check your distance and be careful to avoid the 3 sisters waiting for you on the left side of the fairway.

Pit 23 – Discrete
This par 5 in the fairway, which is often divided in half by its natural plant structure, curves first left to right and then left again. Aim your decoy shot towards the tall pine trees on either side of the fairway. To make a short approach shot to Greene, make your second shot so that it exceeds the natural plants and stays in line with the bunkers on the side of the fairway.

Pit 24 – Aquarius
All you have to do is make a shot over the water all the way to the hole or make your shot on the high safe part of the fairway located on the right side of the pine trees. If you want to choose the more difficult one, you can also choose the left side of the pine trees. Of course, a good shot at the difficult part will give you the opportunity to make a short second shot at Greene. Whichever one you choose, make sure that your second stroke does not exceed the green. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the water.

Pit 25 – Steps
Make a right-to-left decurrent to pass your starting shot through the groove located between the trees. There are steep steps on the green, so make sure you hit the right flat. Otherwise, your scorecard may contain 3 data or more.

Pit 26 – Narrow
As the name suggests, it’s a tight space and you try to throw your driver shot close to two fairway bunkers to get through the tight trees and fall into the fairway. This shot will give you a good angle to see the rest of the pit. Due to the narrow fairway structure, you should be a little cautious on the second green shot, but instead, you can make your approach shot towards the 2 bunkers located in front of the green.

Pit 27 – Lakes
It is of great importance that you make your drive shot to the center of the fairway and properly in this final pit. However, in a wind blowing towards the lakes, this will not be easy at all. The best way to get close to Greene is to take a shot at the old and gnarled pine tree that marks the slope. The choice of sticks is important for overcoming the lake. After a short stay stroke, you may find yourself in the water.


Cornelia Golf Club Slope Rate

cornelia slope rating
Cornelia Diamond Golf Club Score Card
cornelia score card
Cornelia Diamond Golf Course Technical Details

Cornelia Golf Club Technical Details
Grass Type: Bermuda; in the winter period, decanting is carried out with a different winter grass mixture.
Bunkers: There are 75 bunkers on the 27-hole course that are challenging and deep.
Greens: About 600 m2 wide.
Fairways: Dog legs that require all players to play quite strategically
Signature hole: Number 7 (Faldo’s choice ) is the trademark of Cornelia Golf Club.

Cornelia Golf Club Practical & Application Areas
Driving Range( double-sided use)
2 putting greens
3 chipping and pitching green
Separate play and practice areas for groups

Cornelia Golf Club Other Services
The Leadbetter Golf Academy
4800 m2 Club House
Club House Restaurant
Pro Shop ( There are world-famous brands.)
Changing Rooms
Luggage Room
Rent A Buggy
Rental Trolleys
Electronic Trolley for Rent
Club rooms for rent ( 16 full sets – Callaway Warbird – left, right, male, female, child )
A Welcome cocktail and fruit treat at the entrance
Free water treatment at the beginning
Free Club cleaning
Free-range tokens (1 token) for each player
Cornelia Golf Club offers services such as free shuttle service to Cornelia Golf Club for their guests.


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