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Kemer Country Golf Club

Kemer Country Golf Club is the only address that comes to mind when it comes to golf in Istanbul with its 18-hole golf course of international standards. Designed by renowned designer Joan Dudok van Heel in accordance with USGA standards, the golf course caters to beginners as well as hard-hitting professional golfers.

The courses prepared by PGA-certified golf professionals, who also coaches the Turkish National Golf Team, make it possible for beginners to play on an 18-hole course (73 par- 6.113m) in a short time. The club, which has made the greatest contribution to the development of golf in Turkey and is in the leading position in this sport, hosts more than 50 tournaments every year.

Set among the hills of the Belgrade Forest, hilly, Kemer Country Golf Club, rare beauty, and challenging Istanbul golf course. He draws his way through lush grass fields, forests and ponds, and decently shaped hillocks. Each of them has holes designed differently; it promises professionals an amazing and enjoyable game and beginners motivation. When the game is over, the difficulties have been overcome, the Bistro Restaurant or the Driving Range Cafe are waiting for golfers.

Kemer Country Golf Court Opening Date: 1/1/1995

Architect:Joan Dudok Van Heel 
Green grass:Agrostis
Fairway grass:Lolium, Poa Annva    
Tee grass:Lolium, Poa Annva 

Kemer Country Golf Club Facilities:
The Training Area, Pata Green, Short Stroke Green, Golf Cart, Trolley, Caddie, Rental Set
Restaurant, Bar, Store,Sauna, Equestrian Center Swimming Pool, Tennis.


Istanbul Golf Club

where PGA certified and experienced instructors also provide world-class golf education, provides coaching services, private lessons, and the opportunity to improve your skills by offering the opportunity to participate in tournaments.
At Jul Golf Club, Pro shop experienced caddies, and tools that will comfortably carry your golf equipment, where you can get all your needs, offer a pleasant golf experience.

Golfers who want to have a golf experience at the club other than hotel guests can only have this privilege as a member of Kemer Country Golf Club. You can evaluate lifetime or annual membership alternatives only for yourself or your entire family.

Kemer Country Golf 

* Club House & Bar
• Advanced PGA Certified Golf Instructors
* Professional V1 Golf Teaching System
• 18-Hole golf Course
• Driving Range and Cafe
• Half Way Cafe
• Driving Range for Children
* Caddy & Golf Equipment Service

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Kemer Country Golf Club is the only address that comes to mind when it comes to golf in Istanbul with its 18-hole golf course of international standards.



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Kemer Country Golf Course Flyover


Kemer Golf and Country

 Hole  Meter  PAR   S.I.     Hole  Metre  PAR   S.I. 
 443   423   398   356  5 9 10   409   360   318   318  4 4
 168   155   138   111  3 13 11   451   420   420   389  5 16
 386   376   363   300  4 1 12   370   345   333   303  4 6
 218   206   192   164  4 15 13   469   436   426   368  5 12
 356   333   307   280  4 7 14   367   320   280   280  4 2
 340   316   288   288  4 5 15   168   147   133   105  3 14
 472   442   424   395  5 11 16   454   415   376   376  5 8
 428   403   360   360  4 3 17   187   174   141   120  3 18
 154   119   107   96  3 17 18   364   325   293   274  4 10
OUT   2965   2773   2577   2350  36   IN   3239   2942   2720   2533  37  
C.Rat.  73.7   71.7   69.4    (Mans) OUT   2965   2773   2577   2350  36  
Slope  145   137   125      TOT   6204   5715   5297   4883  73  
C.Rat.      74.7   72.3  (Ladies)  
Slope      138   132     



Skor rate=1357     (2010-08-26 -> 2022-02-08)
Hole Number  S.I.   PAR   Aver.   Difference
12 1 4 3 4.779 1.779
2 2 1 3 4.711 1.711
3 3 3 3 4.668 1.668
16 4 6 3 4.609 1.609
11 5 2 3 4.601 1.601
10 6 10 3 4.557 1.557
7 7 5 3 4.472 1.472
13 8 8 3 4.469 1.469
14 9 16 3 4.407 1.407
15 10 12 3 4.388 1.388
4 11 7 3 4.357 1.357
17 12 18 3 4.328 1.328
18 13 14 3 4.270 1.270
1 14 9 3 4.237 1.237
6 15 11 3 4.108 1.108
5 16 15 3 4.045 1.045
9 17 13 3 4.043 1.043
8 18 17 3 3.955 0.955
Total 54 79.004 25.004
HCP Average 33.513 Average Difference 1.389

NOTE: Individual, 18 pit handicap qualifying scores are taken into account.
This information should not be used directly to determine the Stroke Index.
See October – E in the EGA Handicap System Rules booklet.




Kemer Country Golf Club has the right to have field officials to ensure the flow of the game in an orderly manner, and to ensure that the rules and regulations of golf are applied in this way. Starter and Marshall have full powers on the golf course to enforce all rules and maintain the speed of play.

• Players must comply with the golf labels and rules.
• It is mandatory to wear clothes in accordance with the golf tag in our club. The description and characteristics of the appropriate golf suit are original in the golf club building.
• Players must register at the Golf Reception before taking the field. Golf cart and caddy requests must be notified after registration, otherwise, players cannot be guaranteed a golf cart and caddy.
• Players who do not comply with the game start time lose their right to start and can only start the game at a time that the game’s initiator (Starter) deems appropriate. If there is no suitable time due to field occupancy, they cannot start the game.
* Players, enter the game 1. They’ll start on the tee. It is forbidden to take the field from other Tees. Game stream 1.18th from the Tee. It will continue respectively until the Tee, and after a hole played in the field, the next Tee in the row will be switched to the next Tee, it is forbidden to switch to another Tee.
• On days when the golf course is busy, small groups can be combined and it may be possible to leave the field in groups of four.
* It is forbidden to Practice-swing in such a way as to get a divot in tees.
• All players and caddies have to put the divots in place on the field, fix the pitch-marks on the sand obstacles and greens.
• It is forbidden to play with Driving Range balls on the golf course.
• The golf course cannot be used for training purposes in such a way as to interfere with other players.
• A player who does not have his own set of golf clubs cannot take the field. They can rent sets and take to the field.
• The playing time for groups of four on the golf course is about 4 hours and 30 minutes. The players will always take care that the distance with the group in front of them does not open up and take into account the warnings of the field officers. Players will decisively remember that the game speed is determined not by the distance between them and the group coming from behind, but by the distance between them and the group starting the game from the front, and they will adjust the game speed accordingly.
Groups that play slowly or have to look for the ball should give way to the group behind them if the track in front of them is empty.
* Players who have not received a handicap cannot take the field, but they can take the field together with the Pros of Kemer Country Golf Club.
* Guest green fee players and members over 28 handicaps are required to take caddies.
• Only Kemer Country Golf Pros can give a golf lesson.
• Only Kemer Country Golf Pros can enter intermediate courses while they are doing dec on the course with their students.
• Children under the age of 12 can take the field on weekdays provided that they have a Pro or an adult player with them.


Tournament Rules
• All tournaments in our club will be played in accordance with the TGF Disciplinary Instruction in accordance with the rules of the 2012-2015 R&A Rules Limited and the rules of the United States Golf Association and the local rules determined by the Gaming Committee.
• The player cannot participate in the tournament in which he is registered one day before the start of the tournament
it is necessary to inform the reception of the golf club in advance.
* After the scorecards are received by the player at the reception and checked together with the Marker at the end of the game, they must be handed over to the office by the player at the end of the tournament. The scorecards that are missing the signature of the Player and the Marker will be considered invalid. Scorecards cannot be kept by Caddies during the game and cannot be picked up and delivered by Caddies.
• Your participation in the tournament award ceremony is the biggest indicator of your respect for the tournament sponsor and the players you are fighting with. If you are sure that you will not be able to attend the awards ceremony and dinner, it is advisable not to participate in the sponsored tournament.
• Players who want to participate in the official tournaments of the TGF must also have their athlete licenses renewed.
• Only a distance measuring device can be used in tournaments.
• Complaints and notifications that will occur in case of violation of the above rules must be made in writing to the club’s management. a disciplinary regulation has been established in relation to violations and an announcement will be made.




Golf Cart Rules
* Golf carts are not allowed to enter the course and are not allowed to be used except for existing golf cart paths.
* Golf carts are the responsibility of the users. Our members and guests are required to read the Rules of Use of the Golf Cart located in the golf club building.
• Our members and guests will be held responsible for any injuries that may occur to both people and any damage and malfunction that may occur during the use of a golf cart located in the golf club building, as well as any damage and malfunction that may occur to golf carts. These expenses are billed to the member and/or guest who has rented a golf cart.
* Golf carts are not allowed to be ridden by more than two people.
• people under the age of 16 are prohibited from using a golf cart at golf and shooting fields.
Note: The use of golf carts at golf courses will be inspected regularly.


Caddy Rules

All caddies are required to wear the outfit determined by the club during the game. Caddies are prohibited from playing on the course and using the Driving Range, except on weekends and on days and hours to be determined by the Golf Director. Caddy fees must be paid directly to the Caddy Master after the game. Caddies cannot be invited to award ceremonies, gala nights, and places available to members.
Caddies must comply with all the rules established by the Kemer Country Golf Club.


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