Ski Resorts in Turkey

Ski Resorts in Turkey

Ski resorts in turkey
Ski resorts in turkey

The Winter Ski Resorts in Turkey are Among the Best in the World

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The winter ski resorts in turkey are among the best in the world
The winter ski resorts in turkey are among the best in the world

As snow falls almost year-round on Turkey’s towering mountains, the country’s ski resorts are a fantastic place to spend a winter getaway. Bursa, Bolu, Kayseri, Erzurum, and Erzincan are just a few of the great cities in Turkey to visit on a ski vacation. Ski resorts in Turkey are among Europe’s most popular destinations for winter vacationers. There is an abundance of reasons to take a winter vacation, including spectacular slopes, luxurious and elegant winter hotels, breathtaking natural landscapes, and picturesque ski resorts.

Vacations with ski hotel tours in the winter are always memorable. Skiers and snowboarders keep tabs on the snowfall in Turkey’s ski areas, so we’ve compiled a list of the best ski areas there so you can have a memorable winter vacation. Winter vacations are a great way to recharge, whether you’re looking for an exciting new experience or just a welcome diversion from the daily grind.

Erzurum Palandoken Ski Center

Erzurum palandoken ski center
Erzurum palandoken ski center

The Erzurum Palandoken Ski Center is situated in the region of Turkey that experiences the coldest weather conditions and is home to the country’s highest peak. High-quality powder snow can accumulate to a depth of two to three meters here because of the dry air and freezing temperatures that can be seen at night. The Palandoken Ski Center can accommodate up to 32,000 visitors per day and regularly plays host to international Olympic ski competitions. Get ready for an exciting skiing vacation at the Erzurum Palandoken Ski Center!

At first glance, Palandoken
Palandoken tracks

With a combined length of 28 kilometers and 22 different tracks, this is one massive system. All three of the Center’s available circuits (blue, red, and black) add up to a combined length of 12 kilometers.

Palandoken facilities

There are five chairlifts with a combined 4,500 person-per-hour capacity, one ski lift with a 300 person-per-hour capacity, two baby lifts with a combined 1,800 person-per-hour capacity, and one gondola lift with a combined 1,500 person-per-hour capacity.

The Elevation of Palandoken

The tracks begin at an elevation of about 2,200 meters and ascend to 3,176 meters.

The ski season in Palandoken

Skiing on the mountain’s upper slopes begins near the end of October and continues through the first few weeks of May.

How to reach Palandoken

Erzurum Palandoken Ski Center is 15 minutes from the city center and 30 minutes from Erzurum Airport.

Accommodation at Palandoken

Hotels in the area of the Erzurum Palandoken Ski Center range from basic to luxurious and offer a wide variety of amenities like swimming pools, fitness and spa centers, and traditional Turkish baths.

Bursa Uludag Ski Resort

Bursa uludag ski resort
Bursa uludag ski resort

With reliable snowfall from October to April and its proximity to Istanbul, the Bursa Uludag Ski Center has been a popular ski destination since 1933. Skiers of all abilities will find suitable terrain at Uludag Ski Center, which is home to both nordic and alpine skiing. The famous Uludag cable car provides a pleasant journey between Bursa and Kadiyayla, as well as Kadiyayla and Sarolan. Your perfect skiing vacation in Uludag is waiting for you!

A glance at Uludag
Uludag tracks 

There are a total of 11 courses, stretching out over 25 kilometers in length. The longest runway available is 2 kilometers long and has blue, red, and black surfaces.
Uludag facilities
The facilities, which cover an area of 11,000 ha, consisting of 13 lifts, seven chairlifts, and six ski lifts.

Uludag elevation

The tracks start at about 1,750 meters above sea level and go up to about 2,435 meters above sea level.

Uludag ski season

It all begins in December and lasts until about the middle of April.

How to get to Uludag

The Uludag Ski Center is about an hour’s drive from Bursa Airport or a 45-minute drive from the city center.

Accommodations in Uludag

More than 3,000 beds are available at the hotels near the Uludag Ski Center. There are 16 public rest and accommodation facilities in addition to the 23 privately owned tourist establishments.

Kayseri Erciyes Ski Resort

Kayseri erciyes ski resort
Kayseri erciyes ski resort

One of the most stunning and impressive mountains in Turkey is Erciyes, whose name comes from the ancient Greek word argaeos, which was used during the Roman era. The mountain stands at an impressive 3,917 meters in height and can be found 20 kilometers south of Kayseri. The Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center can host sporting events throughout the year, not just in the winter. A trip to Erciyes is a chance to see flora and fauna that can only be found in this region. The Erciyes Ski Resort is ready to welcome you for a thrilling ski vacation.

Erciyes at a glance
Erciyes tracks

Along its 58 km length, there are 33 different tracks. There are blue, red, and black tracks in the facilities, the longest of which is 5 kilometers in length.

Erciyes facilities

With a combined length of 22 kilometers, there are a total of 15 lift systems. The maximum hourly capacity is 36,000 people.

The highest point in Erciyes

The tracks start at an elevation of 2,200 meters, which is not very high, and go up to a maximum elevation of 3,300 meters.
Skiing time in Erciyes
Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snow hiking are all examples of winter sports. Trekking, climbing, mountain biking, and paragliding are just some of the outdoor pursuits available during the warmer months of spring and summer.

Directions to Erciyes

The Erciyes Ski Center can be reached in about 35 minutes from Kayseri Airport and is only 20 minutes from the heart of the city. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Cappadocia to Erciyes Ski Center.

Accommodation at Erciyes

Hotels in the vicinity of the Erciyes Ski Center have ample room for guests. Twenty minutes away, in the city’s central business district, you’ll find posh accommodations, excellent dining options, and a wealth of tourist attractions.

Kocaeli Kartepe Ski Center

Kocaeli kartepe ski center
Kocaeli kartepe ski center

We welcome you to a place where you can spend your days having fun in a beautiful forest overlooking Sapanca Lake. One of the best ski areas in Turkey, Kartepe is conveniently located between the Samanli Mountains and the Kocaeli Plateau, making it a popular destination for Istanbul residents. Depending on the weather, the snow here could be as deep as 200 centimeters. The tracks range in length from 400 meters up to 3,500 meters, making them suitable for both novices and seasoned pros. A thrilling skiing vacation is awaiting you at Kartepe Ski Center.

Kartepe at a glance
Kartepe tracks

The combined length of the 18 flagged tracks in blue, red, and black is 21.75 kilometers. The track’s maximum length is 3.5 kilometers.

Kartepe facilities

There are three chairlifts and one Tele ski at this ski area.

Elevation of Kartepe

Guests can ski at an elevation of up to 1,650 meters.
During this time of year, Kartepe becomes a popular ski destination.
During the months of December through March, skiers and snowboarders can hit the slopes.

How to reach Kartepe

The city of Izmit is only about 15 kilometers from the Kartepe Ski Center.

Accommodation at Kartepe

The Kartepe Ski Center is home to a 250-room, five-star hotel. It also has an indoor pool and a restaurant that can seat 500 guests.

Kars Sarikamis Ski Resort

Kars sarikamis ski resort
Kars sarikamis ski resort

Kars Sarikamis Ski Center receives snow on average for 57 days per year, and it typically stays on the ground for another 114 days. The average depth of snow at Sarikamis during the winter is 1.5 meters. The snow has the characteristics of the “crystal snow” found in the Alps and is made up of large crystal grains that do not stick together, making it ideal for skiing and snowboarding. Situated in the beautiful Cibiltepe landscape, the Sarikamis Ski Center is a fantastic destination for alpine, northern, and tour skiing. A thrilling skiing vacation at Sarikamis Ski Center is waiting for you!

A quick look at Sarikamis
Sarikamis tracks

There are nine different tracks, and together they span 12 kilometers. The longest track at the complex is 3.5 kilometers; the total length of the facilities is 90 kilometers, of which 5 kilometers are cross-country ski runs registered with the World Ski Federation.

Sarikamis facilities

There is one ski lift and two chairlifts available.

Sarikamis elevation

The runways rise to an elevation of 2,900 meters from a starting altitude of 2,200 meters.

The skiing season in Sarikamis

This is the time of year when skiers head to Sarikamis.

How to reach Sarikamis

Only 45 minutes away from downtown and 50 minutes from Kars Airport, you’ll find the Sarikamis Ski Center.

Accommodation at Sarikamis

More than 1,200 guests can be accommodated in the center’s 12 hotels and motels. Both the Center’s restaurants and the hotel offer regional specialties like Kars goose, piti, and hangel.

Denizli Nikfer Bozdag Ski Center

Denizli nikfer bozdag ski center
Denizli nikfer bozdag ski center

Located in the Tavas neighborhood of Denizli, the Nikfer Bozdag Ski Center is the largest ski resort in the Aegean. Skiers can travel up to 11 kilometers in length at Nikfer Bozdag Ski Center, which covers an area of 2,300 square meters. Transportation, entertainment, and dining options are available daily, but overnight stays are not. For a thrilling skiing vacation, head to the Denizli Nikfer Bozdag Ski Center.

At First Glance: Nikfer Bozdag

Nikfer Bozdag tracks

Each of the three tracks is 12 kilometers long. The levels of difficulty present on the tracks accommodate novices as well as seasoned musicians. There is a maximum length of 1,700 meters.

Nikfer Bozdag facilities

Two ski lifts and one gondola, each capable of carrying 2,700 people per hour, are available at the center.

Nikfer Bozdag elevation

The elevation of the center is exactly 7,220 feet.

Nikfer Bozdag ski season

About 3.5 months a year can be spent on skis, give or take, depending on the weather.

Getting to Nikfer Bozdag

The ski resort of Nikfer Bozda is located 85 kilometers from Denizli’s downtown.

Accommodation at Nikfer Bozdag

There are no hotels at the Nikfer Bozdag Ski Center, but there are some in the nearby city of Denizli.

Isparta Davraz Ski Center

Isparta davraz ski center
Isparta davraz ski center

Located 26 kilometers southeast of Isparta’s city center, the Isparta Davraz Ski Center provides skiers with access to the slopes and stunning views of Lake Eirdir. In addition to skiing, Davraz is a great place for many other types of outdoor recreation.
The trails at the Davraz Ski Center are between 8 and 10 kilometers long and have natural, fluffy snow that is good for both beginners and experts.
Existing lift infrastructure provides access to ski runs at elevations between 1,650 and 2,150 meters. Davraz Ski Center has terrain that is great for snowboarding, alpine skiing, and touring skiing. For a thrilling skiing vacation, Davraz is where you need to be.

Davraz at a glance
Davraz tracks 

The total length of the 12 runways is 23.5 kilometers. The total length of the runway which features blue, red, and black paved tracks is four kilometers.

Davraz facilities 

There are a total of four lifts, including two chairlifts that can carry two people each, a cable car (T-bar), and an automatic clamp bubble chairlift that can carry four people.

Davraz elevation 

Near the hotel district, the tracks start at a height of 1,650 meters and go up to an amazing 2,344 meters!

Davraz ski season

From December to April, you can ski in the third zone, which has an automatic clamp bubble chairlift for four people.

How to reach Davraz

The city center is 30 kilometers away, and Suleyman Demirel Airport is 60 kilometers away from the Isparta Davraz Ski Center.

Accommodation at Davraz

Davraz has many different lodging options, including a 280-bed 4-star hotel, an 84-bed SDU guesthouse, a 55-bed auberge, 44-bed chalets, and three different mountain cafeterias.

Erzincan Ergan Ski Resort

Erzincan ergan ski resort
Erzincan ergan ski resort

Erzincan’s mountainous setting makes it an ideal location for a ski resort, and the Ergan Ski Center has been hosting events there for nearly a decade. This region has the longest-lasting snow in Turkey, allowing for skiing 180 days a year. Mountaineering, ice climbing, hiking, paragliding, water skiing, and horseback riding are just some of the other popular outdoor activities in the region. Visit Ergan Ski Center for a thrilling skiing vacation!

Ergan at a glance
Ergan tracks

Each of the four runways is a total of 2.9 kilometers in length. The 2.8-kilometer-long runway is suitable for medium-difficult tracks.

Ergan facilities

The Center is home to Turkey’s longest chairlifts and cable cars, with runs of 1,800, 2,662, and 2,455 meters, respectively. These methods have the potential to transport 3,700 people per hour.

Ergan elevation

The tracks begin at an elevation of 1,738 meters and ascend to an elevation of 2,958 meters.

Ergan’s ski season

Six months out of the year, you can hit the slopes.

How to reach Ergan

The Ergan Ski Center can be reached just 12 minutes from downtown and 26 minutes from Erzincan Airport.

Accommodation at Ergan

Mount Ergan Ski Resort does not have any on-site lodging options, but there are plenty of hotels in the surrounding area. You can also find sporting goods stores that stock equipment for winter sports and hunting.

Kastamonu Ilgaz Ski Resort

Kastamonu ilgaz ski resort
Kastamonu ilgaz ski resort

The Kastamonu Ilgaz Ski Center is located in the Ilgaz National Park, on a mountain range that rises to an elevation of 2,850 meters. Humidity and fog are signature features of the center, which is also home to thriving fir forests. Because of the slower pace of the descents, this ski area is popular among novice skiers and those looking to hone their skills. Powder snow covers the mountains’ slopes. Have a thrilling skiing vacation at the Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center.

A quick look at Ilgaz
Ilgaz Tracks

Two tracks totaling 2.8 kilometers in length are available. The extended track is 1.5 km in length.

Ilgaz facilities

The facilities include a Tele ski, a chairlift, and a moving walkway. Four-person chairlifts are available on the newest model (range table).

Ilgaz elevation

The runways are around 2,000 meters in length, with a distance of about 400 meters from the beginning to the end.

Ilgaz’s ski season

The ski season begins in December and continues through the beginning of spring.

How to reach Ilgaz

40 kilometers separate from the Kastamonu Ilgaz Ski Center from the city proper and the Kastamonu Airport.

Accommodation at Ilgaz

The Ilgaz Ski Resort offers a wide variety of hotel options. Kastamonu’s central hotels are the best option for those looking for a more opulent stay.

Sivas Yildiz Ski Resort

Sivas yildiz ski resort
Sivas yildiz ski resort

Sivas, thanks to its proximity to Yildiz Mountain and its “hot” thermal connection, is one of the most well-known ski destinations in the world. Camping and mountain biking are two of the summertime options at Sivas Yildiz Mountain Ski Center; in the winter, visitors can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and trekking. Diving and jet skiing are just two of the water sports that can be enjoyed in Yildiz Lake, which is located at the base of Yildiz Mountain. Your ski vacation adventure starts at the Yildiz Mountain Ski Center.

A quick look at Yildiz Ski Resort

Track in the Yildiz Mountains

The total length of the seven courses is 10 kilometers. The Yildiz Mountain facilities feature a 2.1-kilometer-long track.

Yildiz Mountain facilities

Guests can take advantage of the single ski lift, two chairlifts, two moving walkways, a single indoor ice rink, and dual-day facilities.

Yildiz Mountain elevation

The runways start at a height of 1,720 meters and go up to a maximum height of 2,330 meters.

Skiing season on Yildiz Mountain

The ski season begins in December and continues through the beginning of spring.

How to reach Yildiz Mountain

The airport is an hour away, and the ski resort at Sivas Yildiz Mountain is only 45 minutes away from the city center.

Hotel Accommodations on Yildiz Mountain

The hotel has 38 rooms in total, 36 of which are standard rooms and 2 of which are junior suites. There is also a 110-bed hotel with a view of the mountains in the Yildiz Mountain range.

Elazig Hazarbaba Ski Resort

Elazig hazarbaba ski resort
Elazig hazarbaba ski resort

Hazarbaba Mountain, located in the Elazig neighborhood of Sivrice, reaches a maximum elevation of 2,347 meters. Situated atop this towering peak is the Elazig Hazarbaba Ski Center, which offers breathtaking panoramas of the neighboring Hazar Lake. Ascents and descents that call for slaloming characterize the Hazarbaba pistes, which are popular among expert skiers. The Center’s convenient location near various modes of transportation complements the cutting-edge infrastructure it uses to serve the community. Enjoy a thrilling skiing vacation at the Hazarbaba Ski Center.

Hazarbaba at a glance
Hazarbaba tracks

The total length of the eight different tracks is three kilometers. Professionals and novices alike can enjoy the tracks.

Hazarbaba facilities

The combined length of the ski lifts and the cafeteria is 1,700 meters.

The height of Hazarbaba

The elevation of the tracks is around 1,850 meters.

Time for some skiing on Hazarbaba

Around the last week of December kicks off the beginning of the ski season, which continues until the last week of March.

How to Get to Hazarbaba

It takes about 30 minutes to get to the Hazarbaba Ski Center from the heart of Elazig, and only 22 minutes from Elazig Airport.

Accommodation at Hazarbaba

Hazar Lake is located just 6 kilometers from Hazarbaba Ski Center, and there are two large hotels there with 100 and 150 beds, respectively. The downtown area of Elaziğ also has some nice hotels.

Ski Resort of Tunceli Ovacik

Ski resort of tunceli ovacik
Ski resort of tunceli ovacik

Are you prepared to show off your skills in the pristine Tunceli snow? The Ovacik Ski Center is a fantastic destination for snowboarders and skiers of all skill levels. Children and novice skiers can use the safe and convenient 300-meter-long baby lift. Ovacik Ski Center is ideally suited to host world championships due to its relatively flat track length. You can have a thrilling skiing vacation at Ovacik Ski Center.

Ovacik at a glance
Ovacik tracks

A 300-meter baby lift track is included in the 1.2-kilometer-long runway.
Ovacik facilities
A snowmobile, a snow crusher, and a 100-person Tele ski are all at your disposal.

Skiing time in Ovacik

About half the year can be spent on the slopes.

How to reach Ovacik

It will take you about 80 minutes to reach the Ovacik Ski Center from Tunceli. A flight to Erzincan will land you at Erzincan Airport; from there, it’s about a three-hour drive to Ovacik.

Accommodation in Ovacik

There are 35 rooms available at the lodge at Tunceli Ovacik Ski Center, and the total bed count is 70.

The Ski Resort of Ladik Akdag

The ski resort of ladik akdag
The ski resort of ladik akdag

The northern regions of Turkey are home to some of the country’s finest ski resorts. Visit the Ladik Akdag Ski Center in the Ladik neighborhood of Samsun if you want to go skiing or snowboarding while taking in the stunning scenery of the Black Sea. Skiing or snowboarding with the whole family is easy at the Center, which features terrain for both novices and experts. The peak of the mountain at the Ladik Akdag Ski Center is 2,000 meters above sea level, and it has breathtaking panoramas. The Ladik Akdag Ski Center is waiting to give you an unforgettable experience.

Ladik Akdag at a glance
Ladik Akdag tracks

The maximum track length is 3,500 meters, and there are six of them. Both novices and experts can enjoy the tracks available.

Ladik Akdag elevation

There are restaurants, shops, and a hotel at this location (spanning 1,350 meters of chairlift track). We have ski and snowboard rentals, toboggans, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) tours, and snowmobile adventures.

Height of Ladik Akdag

There are ascents between 1,500 and 2,000 meters in length.

The skiing season in Ladik Akdag

Usually, ski season starts in late November and lasts until about the middle of March.

Arrival in Ladik Akdag

It’s only a 20-minute drive from Samsun to Ladik, the district capital.

Accommodation at Ladik Akdag

The Ladik Akda Ski Center is within easy walking distance of some nearby hotels.

Ordu Cambasi Ski Center

Ordu cambasi ski center
Ordu cambasi ski center

Skiers at the Cambasi Ski Center in Ordu, which is known for its picturesque mountain scenery, will not be disappointed. Chalets with panoramic views of the plateaus are available for guests. Skiers of all skill levels will enjoy Cambasi Ski Center, located at an average altitude of about 2,000 meters.

Cambasi at a glance
Cambasi tracks

There are a total of eleven runways, and their combined length is 17,275 meters. The longest course, which features both challenging and less demanding options, is 2,203 meters long.

Cambasi facilities 

Two chairlift lines, one going up 1,753 meters and the other going up 1,104 meters, give riders access to a total of 11 runways.

Cambasi elevation

About 1,850 meters above ground level is where you’ll find the tracks.

Cambasi Ski Season

Usually, ski season starts at the end of November and lasts until the first signs of spring.

Reaching Cambasi

It takes about an hour and a half to drive from Ordu Giresun Airport to the Ordu Cambasi Ski Center, which is located 55 kilometers outside of the city center of Ordu.

Hotels in Cambasi

The area around Cambasi Plateau is home to a wide variety of charming inns and more laid-back lodging options. Some of these hotels have rooms that look like chalets and bungalows and have modern amenities like air conditioning, satellite TV, and more.

Bingol Haserek Ski Resort

Bingol haserek ski resort
Bingol haserek ski resort

Skiers flock to the Eastern Anatolia Region because the region’s peaks typically have ample snow cover throughout the winter. Located at Haserek Mountain’s base, the Bingol Haserek Ski Center caters to skiers of all skill levels with its wide variety of slopes and convenient transportation options, making for a memorable winter vacation as well as unbeatable scenery.

Haserek at a glance
Haserek tracks

The longest of the three tracks is 1,200 meters long.

Haserek facilities 

The combined capacity of the chairlift and cable lift system is 320 people. Baby lifts are available for novice skiers.

Elevation of Haserek

The center can be found at an altitude of 2,238 meters atop Haserek Mountain.

Wintertime in Haserek

From December through April, skiers and snowboarders can enjoy the slopes.

Traveling to Haserek

The Haserek Ski Center is about 50 minutes from the Bingol Airport and about 28 kilometers from the center of Bingol.

Haserek Hotels

At the Bingol Haserek Ski Center, you’ll find a hotel that can accommodate up to 70 guests.

Hakkari Merga Butan Ski Resort

Hakkari merga butan ski resort
Hakkari merga butan ski resort

When it comes to winter sports, the new Hakkari Merga Butan Ski Center is the place to be. At an altitude of 2,800 meters and featuring brand-new tracks, the Center has become increasingly popular among skiers from Iran and Iraq. Since snow covers the ground for roughly six months out of the year, the Hakkari ski season is open for almost the entire winter.

Some of the other things you can do at the Hakkari Merga Butan Ski Center are mountaineering, mountain biking, and rafting.

Merga Butan at a glance
Merga Butan tracks

The combined length of the three tracks is 6,000 meters.

Merga Butan facilities

The chairlift consists of four individual parts.

Height of Merga Butan

The Center is located 2,800 meters above sea level on the Hakkari Merga Butan Plateau.

Winter sports on Merga Butan

The ski season opens in December and lasts until May.

Directions to Merga Butan

The Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport is 95 minutes from the Merga Butan Ski Center, which is located 12 kilometers from the center of Hakkari.

Accommodation at Merga Butan

The hotel at the Hakkari Merga Butan Ski Center can accommodate up to 120 guests.

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