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Bodrum Golf Club

Take just a few short steps and you’re at our beautifully situated golf course, which promises relaxed games and exciting encounters. Here you’ll meet fascinating people from all over the world. Chip away at that handicap together or learn the basics of the game under the Turkish sun — how beautiful life is at Robinson Nobilis Golf Club. Our shuttles (additional charge) take you to 11 other large golf facilities within approx. 20 minutes.

Bodrum Golf Club Opening Date: 10/20/2012


Bodrum Golf Club Facilities:
The Training Area, Pata Green, Short Stroke Green, Golf Cart, Trolley, Caddie, Rental Set
Restaurant, Bar, Store, Sauna,


golf club bodrum


Bodrum Golf 

* Club House & Bar
• 18-Hole golf Course
• Driving Range and Cafe
* Caddy & Golf Equipment Service


Bodrum Golf Club is the only address that comes to mind when it comes to golf in Bodrum with its 18-hole golf course of international standards.


Bodrum Golf COURSE MAP

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bodrum golf
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Bodrum Golf

In order to make the game of golf more fun and playable, we need to know some rules. These are the unwritten rules of golf and are referred to as ‘Golf Tags’ all over the world. Each club and field has its own unique tags, as well as general tags, which are available. The tags that you will read below are meant to make the game of golf more enjoyable and playable for everyone. The most important feature of golf is the tag rules, which make sportsmanship stand out and have not changed for centuries.


Bodrum Golf Club GENERAL TAGS

Do not go out on the field for a walk or for a walk, except for a game of golf.

Before hitting, make sure that no one is around or within range of where your ball or bat may hit.

If there is someone who is likely to hit the ball even if it is small after the shot, they should be shouted ‘fore’ and warned.

The golf dress code must be observed when going out on the course.

– Trousers, shorts, skirts, etc., which are not made of denim fabric. and a polo-neck T-shirt should be worn

– Do not go out on the field with any other shoes other than golf shoes.


Pro shop should definitely be contacted for tee time and training.

Golf rules must be followed on the course.

Multiple fortunes should not be played with the ball for training purposes on the field.

It is forbidden to play with range balls on the field.

Playing slowly always affects those who come from behind. For this reason, in order not to interfere with the players coming behind you, unnecessary swiping should not be done and the game speed should be increased as much as necessary. If a slow game is being played, players coming from behind should be given a path.

Other players should be quiet during the innings.

Beginners in golf should not go on the field without training. Golfers without handicap cards can use the field if they see fit after playing a round of games accompanied by our instructors in order to play on the field.



It should not be spoken out loud next to the players who are training.

Beginners of golf should inform pro shop before training in long and short stroke areas.

The balls in the driving range section are collected by the field officers. The attempt to collect is dangerous and prohibited.

No strokes should be made on the grass in front of the Driving Range.

The rented materials must be delivered to Pro shop.


Bodrum Golf Club Course Holes

1/10 HOLES

In this pit, the left side of which is completely out of bounds, the lake in front of the green is 210 meters. Long-hitting players should make their stick choice accordingly. It is more advantageous to stay close to the left in the first inning. Because the bunker and the small creek on the right can be a danger. In the second innings, attention should be paid to the left and back of the green because your ball may go out of the field. Attention should be paid to the two bunkers to the right of the green. In addition, for this pit, the balls that hit the electrical wires passing through it are repeated with impunity.


2/11 HOLES

You should choose the bat that you will hit in this pit according to the wind. Attention should be paid to the border wires and the lake on the left side. Also, the slopes on the green can make it difficult for you to make pata.


3/12 HOLES

In this pit with the front of the field open, the trees right in front of the garden will force you. It may be an advantage to stay on the right side in the first inning. You should pay attention to the olive trees on the left and the high wall behind the house.


4/13 HOLES

In this pit, which is inclined downwards, you can tilt your stick selection according to the wind. Here the Greene spot-kick is important. Attention should be paid to the bunkers on the left and out of bounds on the back.


5/14 HOLES

Your choice of stick is very important in this pit, which is prone to down. Because it may be inevitable that you will enter the large bunker that surrounds the green. You should also consider the wind factor here.


6/15 HOLES

It is important to cross the creek that bisects the field on the first shot in this pit, which is a little to the right of the Green zone. Players who hit short should approach the creek with an iron kick instead of aboard. It’s an advantage to stay on the left in the first inning. In the second inning, attention should be paid to the lake in front of the green and the bunker at the back.


7/16 HOLES

The creek is located just behind this trough, which has a narrow green in width. Also, attention should be paid to the bunkers on the left and front of the window. The wind is very important in stick preferences.


8/17 HOLES

In this pit, which has a high green, attention should be paid to the lake in front and the two bunkers in front of the green. There is also another bunker hidden behind the green. The choice of sticks should be made according to the direction of the wind.


9/18 HOLES

It is the longest pit of the field. The tier building on the left and the range boundary are considered off-site. You can cross the dec between them according to your stroke distance or make a cautious first stroke between the lake in front and the dec. In your second stroke, attention should be paid to the bunkers to the right of the hill and the lake at the back.

Bodrum Golf Club

 Hole  Meter  PAR   S.I.     Hole  Meter  PAR   S.I. 
 260   233  4 6 10   260   233  4 5
 94   79  3 12 11   110   79  3 11
 226   216  4 8 12   226   216  4 7
 110   96  3 18 13   110   96  3 17
 105   88  3 16 14   110   88  3 15
 247   231  4 4 15   257   231  4 3
 81   72  3 14 16   104   72  3 13
 128   100  3 10 17   128   107  3 9
 272   253  4 2 18   296   253  4 1
OUT   1523   1368  31   IN   1601   1375  31  
C.Rat.  60.1    (Mens) OUT   1523   1368  31  
Slope  117      TOT   3124   2743  62  
C.Rat.    59.5  (Ladies)  
Slope    110   


Score Rate=3396     (2018-06-17 -> 2022-02-09)
Hole Num.  S.I.   PAR   Ave.   Dif. 
18 1 1 4 6.064 2.064
9 2 2 4 5.942 1.942
15 3 3 4 5.935 1.935
6 4 4 4 5.895 1.895
1 5 6 4 5.793 1.793
10 6 5 4 5.754 1.754
3 7 8 4 5.594 1.594
12 8 7 4 5.555 1.555
17 9 9 3 4.542 1.542
8 10 10 3 4.490 1.490
11 11 11 3 4.484 1.484
2 12 12 3 4.370 1.370
16 13 13 3 4.365 1.365
7 14 14 3 4.232 1.232
14 15 15 3 4.105 1.105
5 16 16 3 4.098 1.098
13 17 17 3 3.937 0.937
4 18 18 3 3.932 0.932
Total 62 89.087 27.087
HCP Average 23.313 Average Difference 1.505




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