Valley in Cappadocia

Goreme Valley of Cappadocia is a perfect location for seclusion. Located 17 km. from Nevsehir and 6 km. from Urgup, its altitude is 1,100 m. above the sea level. Although the meaning of the name “Goreme” is obscure, it is thought that it may originate as a corruption of the name Korama, given by the early Christians who fled from the Arabs and found shelter there. Goreme was the birthplace of the martyred St. Hieron.

You can see the earliest examples of Byzantine churches in this valley, which would be used as a location for missionaries’ education. Goreme Valley has around 200 churches, and it is an open-air museum. The increase in the number of churches occurred when St Paul (10-67) decided to use this area for the education of missionaries. You can see many churches in the museum, such as; Monastery of Monks and Nuns, St Basileios ChapelApple ChurchChurch of St BarbaraSerpent ChurchDark ChurchSandal ChurchBuckle Church, etc.

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