golf in turkey

Golf in Turkey

Turkey has become a prominent golf center with its international golf facilities that have been decissioned repeatedly in recent years, bringing together world golf lovers with tournaments held and the height of its qualities among similar ones. Antalya province in Turkey, Kusadasi, and Bodrum golf courses especially in the provinces of Istanbul, located 30 km east of there, at the resort of Belek, cultural, historical, and qualified golf courses and golf facilities with its natural structure of both the tourism potential is host to constitute a unique and international golf tournament.

Golf facilities in Turkey are mostly located near accommodation facilities with a large capacity of rich food and beverage, shopping, entertainment facilities near the beach. These facilities offer opportunities for visitors to spend their Golf holidays in a nature-oriented environment with golf courses organized in harmony with nature.

According to the data of the Turkish Golf Federation, there are 36 golf courses in Turkey with 18 facilities as of 2022.

First Golf in Turkey

The first golf club in Turkey was established in 1895 as Constantinople Golf Club, now known as Istanbul Golf Club.

In the following period, Klassis Golf Club and Kemer Golf Club were established in Istanbul in the early 1990s, and then various golf clubs continued to be established, increasing the number of clubs, and also did not continue to develop rapidly with the construction of golf courses in the Belek region of Antalya. In the following years, golf courses and facilities have been established in Bodrum, Ankara, Samsun, Kusadasi and Izmir.

The Turkish Golf Federation, which is still operating, was established on 12.02.1996 by the decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports MDK /26.

On September 9, 2005, it was granted the status of autonomy. The first president of the federation is Raif BILIR.

November 18, 2000, As a result of the election of the Presidents of the Federation Ahmet Ali AĞAOĞLU, took office as the President of the Turkish Golf Federation and continued his position as the President of the Federation until November 01, 2021.

The 5th edition was held on 01 November 2022. 8th Ordinary General Assembly. Yıldırım DEMIRÖREN was elected as the President of the Golf Federation at the Financial General Assembly.

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History of Golf in Turkey


Antalya is the largest golf destination in Turkey. In particular, Belek, which was awarded the Best Golf Region of the Year award in Europe in 2008 by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), has 27 golf courses on 11 tourist sites.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has planned 49 golf fields located in the Cultural and Tourism Protection and Development Zone, Tourism Center and Tourism Area in the Provinces of Antalya, Aydın, Muğla, Mersin, and Nevşehir for golf tourism and a capacity of about 35,000 beds is targeted.

With the development of golf tourism in Turkey and the construction of courses with international qualifications, our country has become a place to host golf tournaments around the world. In this context, the European Challenge Tour, which is the first leg of the tour on professional golf in 2010, with 22 countries is regulated in our country, and golf tourism is described as the most important event in the world in 2011 IGTM (International Golf Travel Market-International Golf Tourism Fair), 14-17 November 2011 in Belek was carried out. The biennial World Golf Championship, defined as the Olympiad of golf, was held in our country in 2012, and Belek, which received the award for the best golf destination in Europe in 2008, hosted this championship. The Turkish leg of the World Corporate Golf Challenge was held in Belek on 5-7 April 2013. November 03-06, 2016 Dec The Turkish Airlines Open Golf Tournament, which has become one of the most important golf tournaments in Europe and is the first leg of the European Tour finals series, was held in Belek and 78 golfers from 20 countries participated in the tournament. A total of 108 golf tournaments, national and international, were held in Turkey in 2018.


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History of Golf

There are many different opinions about the beginning of the game of golf. According to one opinion, the game called chuiwan, which is defined as a game played by hitting a ball with a stick while walking during the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644 in China, is the main outlet of golf. It is believed that Chuiwan was later spread to Europe by merchants in the Middle Ages. According to another opinion, golf was adopted by the Romans in M.He.1. emerged as a result of the development of civilization as a modern game in the countries conquered by Europe during the century. The Romans, during the reign of Caesar, used to play a game called paganica, which was similar to golf, played by hitting feather-filled balls with stick-shaped branches.

Book illustrations, 15. it shows that around the turn of the century, the Dutch played a similar game in frozen canals. It was also widespread in France and Belgium.

In various European countries, there were games similar to paganica, called cambuca in the UK, jeu de mail in France, and het kolven in the Netherlands.

in 1457, golf was also banned in Scotland because it was confused with archery, which had a very important place in defense. Despite this, the Scots continued to play near the coastline, by the sea, called links, resisting the opposition of parliament and the church.

Scotland, 16. one of the oldest golf courses, used in the early part of the XVIII century, is St.It is the homeland of Andrews. Golf, the XVIII century, Scotland was also included in the IV. James, I. to work in the UK due to James’ interest in the sport of golf, he is fully settled. St., the cradle of golf. Andrews also founded the Royal and Ancient Golf Clubs in 1754.
One of the oldest sports in the world is undoubtedly golf. Who invented golf, and in what periods did golf develop? in 1457, the word golf was used in Scotland, and there was a game, but were the Scots the ancestors of this sport or another civilization far away?

China, France, and Scotland have been competing to become the first countries to find golf in a race that has been going on for many years. The new evidence that China and Scotland have recently uncovered has left France far behind.

The most common belief in the world is that the Scots found golf, 15. two separate histories are mentioned about this sport called “gowf” in the XIII century. According to academics on the opposite front, the sport in question is not golf, but another sport similar to today’s field hockey, while it is said that the laws of the same period prohibit this sport. Some scholars believe that golf is the 17th he argues that it was played by the Dutch in the XVI century.

The oldest known and proven golf course in the world is The Old Links in Musselburgh. Evidence shows that golf was played at Musselburgh Links in the past dating back to 1672, while it is believed that Mary, Queen of Scots played golf here in 1567.

By the way, professional golf courses are not always 18-hole, or dec has not been.

15. in the XVIII century. In tournaments played on an 11-hole course at Andrews, players would play 11 holes from the clubhouse to the end of the course and go back the same way, go through the last round on 11 holes and enjoy the tournaments with a total of 22 holes.

in 1764, dec number of 11 holes was reduced to 9 due to the fact that there was little distance between some holes, and again at the end of 2 rounds, tournaments began to be completed with a total of 18 holes.

However, the sport of golf was mainly developed in the 19th century. he began to live in the XVII century. The green zone, which was designed much better, and the good ball designs, which began to be made much better, began to be used from the 1900s onwards.

Metal-bodied golf spools began to appear on green carpets on the courses in the 1930s.

the 1930s was also the period when wooden golf tees were also put on the course. in the 1970s, wooden heads were replaced by metal, while much lighter alloy metals began to be used in the bodies, and there were serious reductions in the weight of golf clubs, especially in the 1980s.

January 2006 was the stage for the re-opening of the topic of who invented golf.

Professor Ling Hongling from Lanzhou University has shown the latest evidence that golf began to be played in China about 500 years ago when it was first played in Scotland, and with great similarities to modern golf today.

A play called “chuiwan” is shown in the Dongxuan Records of the Song Dynasty along with his drawings. Cuanbang, pubang, and shaobang, that is, a sport in which sticks similar to today’s drive, 2-wood, and 3-wood sticks are used in this game where sticks are made of gold and only the very rich can play. According to Professor Ling, it was the Mongols who traveled during the Middle Ages that brought golf to Europe.

But one of the oldest golf organizations in Scotland is St. According to a spokesman for the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in Andrews, “There are a lot of old games played with sticks and balls, but today’s 18-hole golf was definitely born in Scotland, and there is no doubt about it.”

According to folk etymology, golf also has the meaning of “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden”, that is, “Forbidden to Ladies Only for Gentlemen”.


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Golf Holiday in Turkey

Golf Tourism in Turkey
Turkey is one of the most exclusive centers of the world for golf tourism with its international golf courses and tournaments, where golf players from all over the world can meet in quality and prestigious environment.
Turkey has now established itself as a golf destination. A golf holiday to Turkey is an excellent opportunity to see the most prestigious golf courses in the world. Turkey also regularly hosts the Turkish Airlines Open, one of the most exciting tournaments on the European Tour calendar.

Choose one of the 20 golf courses among the forest and greenery, and you can stay dec an All-inclusive luxury hotel. Enjoy the wonderful climate all year round. Welcome to Antalya Golf center, one of the world’s leading golf centers.
Golf in Turkey was once a top-kept secret, but this beautiful country is now one of the most popular golf destinations in Europe thanks to its magnificent championship golf courses and luxurious all-inclusive five-star luxury resorts.

It is an attraction with an excellent climate, high standards of service and accommodation, good value for money, and, of course, the advantages provided by fantastic international standard golf courses.

Whether you want to prefer the excitement of city life or your golf game, you will find the ideal golf holiday options in Turkey.

If you are planning a golf holiday in Europe, Turkey offers the opportunity to play in a beautiful and historical environment. With so many high-quality golf courses and world-class resorts, why look elsewhere?

Professional Golf Destinations;
Belek: Belek is the most important place for golf holidays in Turkey. Belek, located on the Mediterranean coast, is a tourist resort that offers a lot to see and do. With its luxurious five-star hotels, beaches, shopping, and a weekly bazaar, Belek has a lot to keep the visitor busy.

Istanbul: Istanbul is another important golf destination in Turkey. There are currently three golf clubs in and around the city.

Other Destinations: There are many golf courses just outside the provinces of Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, and Muğla.

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Golf Clubs in Turkey

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best golf courses in turkey

The reasons why tourists prefer Turkey

A rich culture, historical sights, and admirable natural features attract millions of people from all over the world every year.
Tens of millions of people from all over the world spend holidays in Turkey every year, which makes the transcontinental state one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The country that surrounds both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea has the most amazing beaches in the world, as well as other natural attractions, such as mountain resorts and forests.

The appeal is combined with a rich cultural heritage, historical sites dating back thousands of years, and internationally renowned cuisine.
But in order to find out what makes the country so attractive, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey has prepared a report analyzing what brings tourists to Turkey.
The researchers spoke to people from 25 countries to determine what could be done to make their Turkey holidays and visits more enjoyable.
in 2018, 46 million people visited Turkey, which will escalate further in 2019. As part of Ankara’s Vision 2023 program, the government hopes to attract 75 million tourists by 2023.
The ministry wants to ensure that the country’s tourism sector is ready for safe expansion.

Turkey Golf Videos
Golf Terms
General Golf Terms

ACE: This is the insertion of the ball into the hole at a stroke. It is also called a hole ‘in one.

ADDRESS: It is the golfer’s transition to the stroke state. A player indicates that he has entered a “batting state” by touching his club somewhere behind the ball. Such a condition is not required in Hazard strokes. This is also called a set-up.

ADVICE: Consultation. Any kind of exchange of ideas that can affect the player’s style of play, club selection, way of batting is considered. Anyone who knows the rules, the location of obstacles or the direction of the flagpole on the green, or questions about the location are not included in the scope of the consultation.

AIR SHOT: This is when the club does not hit the golf ball when batting, that is, it misses. A penalty point is awarded to this player.

ALBATROSS: This term is the score that is three short of the par number for a hole in Britain. In the US, this term is known as a double eagle. It is valid only for holes with a par number of four and five.

ALIGNMENT: Before starting the stroke, it is necessary to bring the feet, buttocks and shoulders in the same direction.

In the ALL SQUARE: Matchplay game, it is called that the number states are equal.

ANTISHANK: This is a club design designed to eliminate the possibility of accidentally hitting the ball with a hosel during a shot. It is not used in the game according to the rules.

APPROACH PUTT: It is a putting stroke made not to enter the hole, but to be too close to the hole.

APPROACH SHOT: These are shots made from the rough or fairway to the green, except for the teeing ground.

APRON: This is the strip of grass surrounding the Green. The grass length of this is slightly shorter than the fairway grass and slightly longer than the green grass. It is also called semi-green or fringe.

AWAY: This is the name given to the player whose ball is the furthest from the flagpole in the pit where it is played. In the continuation of the game, this player makes the first shot. The others take their batting order according to their distance.

AWFUL SHOTS: This is the name given to shots with a scoring rating of more than plus 2 (Double Bogey) in a golf game.

BACK NINE (In-Holes): This is the name given to the second nine-hole part on an 18-hole golf course.

BACKSPIN: With a very good batting technique, it is to make the ball rotate like a pinwheel from front to back around its axis when it takes off towards the goal. This stroke ensures that the ball does not roll too much when it falls on the field and stops quickly.

BACKSWING: Swing is the first of three parts of the beat. It is the lifting of the club by making an arc from the back of the ball back and over the shoulder. At the end of the movement, the head of the golf club indicates the direction of the target.

BAFFY-BAFFY: It is a club made of durable wood and similar to wood No. 3 or 4, which is still in use today. The main feature of this club is that it has a long face for high shots from the fairway.

LINING: It is a natural and synthetic substance that covers the golf ball.

BALL REQUIRED TO MOVE/MOVED: The ball is considered to have been played. If the ball leaves its location and stops somewhere else, it is considered to have been played. If the ball has been displaced by non-playing factors while standing, the player can return the ball to its former position with impunity.

BALL HOLED/ HOLED: The ball is in the pit. It is called that the entire ball passes through the mouth of the pit and falls to the bottom of the pit.

BALL IN PLAY: The ball that is played. The ball is in play when the player makes a shot from the starting place. If the ball is lost during play, goes out of bounds, or changes according to a related rule, it is the ball that is played until it enters the pit. If it is changed according to the rules, the new ball is considered the played ball

BALL LOST / LOST BALL: The lost ball. The ball is considered lost in the following cases. Ball, player, partner, caddie or where it falls on the side of your required, or when the player is within 5 minutes from start to identify as the inability to own ball,the player must first know the rules before you hit the ball yet another call to put the ball into play on the basis of the right of the player are likely to be located from the ground or from the place where the inaugural ball from a point nearer the hole played a provisional ball, and thus entering the ball played Ball State.

BANANA BALL: This is a slang idiom. A ball is thrown from right to left at a very short distance during a shot. So it is a kind of “slice”. (The directions are for right-handed players.)

BARROW – BREAK: An English term, barrow is the name given to a putting stroke that deviates from its correct direction due to Green’s tendencies.

BENT GRASS: It is a kind of grass cover with a very thin structure found in green areas. Yesilmaz GRASS is a kind of grass cover found in green areas.

BEST – BALL: It is one of the types of games in golf. In a Best-Ball game, it is the competition of one person against the better ball of two players or the best ball of three people.

In BETTER – BALL: Four-Ball match, two co-players compete with their best balls against the best balls of the other two co-players.

ADIE: The score is made as one missing from the number of pars in a hole.

BISQUE BOGEY: In some forms of golf competition, according to the rules, there are certain rights granted to players with handicaps.

BITE: This is a form of hitting the green with the backspin technique. The ball does not roll much after falling.

BLADE: This is the name given to some putters and irons used in the past. An erroneous hit is also called this. It is the hitting of the ball from the upper side of the center of the club with the lower edge of the face, rather than the face of the club.

BLASTER: Loft is another name given to the club with the highest angle (56°). Usually, this club is called sand vedge.

BLIND SHOT/LINE HOLE: If the flag of the pit being played cannot be seen from the starting parts of the teen ground or fairway, the holes in this figure are called blind holes. Shots made without seeing this flag are also called blind shots.

BLOCK: This is the name given to the movement that prevents the clubface from hitting the ball in a normal way.

BOGEY: The score is made as one more than the number of pars in a hole.

BOGEY COMPETITION: It is one of the types of games played on the golf course with points determined according to the rules.

BORON: In some wood clubs, it is the application of boron substance to strengthen the spiral wire wrapped around the neck.

BRASSIE: It is a fairway club made of wood with brass protection, which is equivalent to modern 2 – wood. It is a term that is still used today.

BREAK / BORROW: This is the name given to the putting stroke that deviates to the right-left from its proper direction due to the slopes on the Green.

BRUTTO/GROSS SCORE: This is the total score made at the end of 18 pits, regardless of the number of handicaps.

BULGER DRIVER: It is a kind of No. 1 wood club. Nowadays it is no longer used.

BUNKER: Americans also use the term sand trap for a bunker. A bunker is a specially prepared obstacle pit filled with sand or similar material, taking soil and grass cover inside. There are three types of bunkers. Greenside is located around Bunker Green. The Fairway Bunker is on the Fairway. The Coss Bunker is the bunker that cuts perpendicular to the fairway direction.

BURIED LIE: Most of the ball is buried in the sand inside the bunker.

BURN / SCOTTISH STREAM: This is the name given to the river, stream, or tea in the field in the Scottish language.

BYE: A matchplay contest, 18. pit or is the name given to the non-competition playing of the remaining pits if they were won in the previous pits.

CADDIE: A person who carries and takes care of the player’s clubs during the game and helps the player with everything within the rules during the game. The caddie can serve one or more players.

CADDY: It is a kind of car that can be pulled by hand or used to carry a golf bag powered by an electrical installation.

CARRY: This is the distance between the point where the ball first hits and the point where it hits dec ground.

CASUAL WATER: Temporary water. There are no water obstacles, but all kinds of puddles that are temporarily determined on the field before or after the player receives the batting status. The interpretation of snow and ice as temporary water or a rootless body is left to the player’s option. Artificial ice is an obstacle. It’s not temporary water. The player can change the location of the ball in accordance with the rules without losing penalty points.

CENTRESHAFT PUTTER: A type of putter in which the head of the shaft is connected directly to the middle.

CHILLDIP: This is an incorrect form of kick that occurs when the club’s head is hit hard on the ground (grass) so that the ball does not touch around the green.

CHIP SHOT: It is a form of shot that allows the ball to roll a lot with little ventilation into the green from a place close to the edge of the green.

CHIPPED: It is a short shot that is shot towards the Green and does not take off much.

CLIPPER: This is the name given to clubs with a moderate stroke angle (loft angle) used to make chips.

CHOKE DOWN: Keeping the club under the flu.

CHUNK: This is an erroneous form of hitting that occurs when the club’s head is hit on the ground (grass) before the ball. This stroke is also called fat.

CLEEK: It is a term that has a Scottish origin. This term is also expressed in different words, such as short cleeks, long cleeks, driving cleeks, putting cleeks.

CLOSED FACE: This is the direction of the club face’s view of the target to the left of the target during address or impact. (The expression is for right-handed batters).

CLOSED STANCE: This is the name given to the batting stance performed when the left foot is closer to the direction of the target of the shot with the ball than the right foot. It’s for right-handed batters. The opposite is the case with left-handed batters. That is, the right foot is closer to the direction.

CLUB: These are golf clubs used to hit the ball outside the green in a golf game. A golf club called a putter is used on the green.

CLUB FACE: This is the part of the Club that shoots.

CLUB HEAD: This is the part of the club that is separated from the shaft by the neck and extends from the heel to the tip on the back of the batting surface.

SUCKING THE WRIST: This is the upward bending of the wrists towards the end of the stroke during the backswing.

COMMITTEE: Gaming committee. It is the board responsible for the management of competitions and the layout of the field.

COMPETITOR / FELLOW COMPETITOR: A player who participates in a golf number game competition is called a competitor. Each player who plays together with the contestant is a co-contestant, that is, a fellow competitor. Neither is a partner of the other. In the four- and four-number games, the contestant and co-contestant statements cover both of the players with accompaniment between them. dec.


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How to Play Golf

How to Play Golf?

What Is Golf

The game of Nobles!

Golf, which is played on a grass course, on an 18-course field with natural or artificial obstacles, was born about 5 centuries ago. The game of golf, which looks “monotonous and simple” from the outside, actually has very important rules, exciting matches, great fans, even funny jokes. A post will appear for all to learn. Golf, which spread throughout the world from the British aristocracy, was born about 5 centuries ago. There are interesting rumors about the emergence of golf. One of these rumors is based on Scottish sailors. It is rumored that when Scottish sailors set foot on land, they hit the stones they found on the way with the sticks they got their hands on. When this situation attracted the attention of the English nobility, they developed this “stick-stone” game and moved it to the grass fields.

Nowadays, golf: A game played on a grass field on an 18-course field with natural or artificial obstacles on it. It requires physical strength, as well as concentration, and ethical etiquette.
Consisting of 18 holes on an area of about 70 hectares and finished with an average of 70 to 72 strokes, the most important feature that distinguishes golf from other sports is that it is a game that anyone can play from 7 to 77.

Golf is the only sport where you can play on your own without the need for a partner, you can only fight against the field. Walking at least 6 kilometers for 4-5 hours in a green area, doing 100-150 stroke movements during the competition is also very beneficial for health. 

Golf is also a game played with the mind. It’s important to concentrate during the game because there’s no way you can hit while your mind is elsewhere.

The fact that golf is played for long hours and requires high concentration raises the issue that golfers neglect their immediate environment. Based on this situation, various anecdotes have been produced. One of them is as follows: a hearse passes by the edge of the field when two golfers are playing a match. When one of them takes off his hat and tries to greet the funeral, the other becomes impatient: “Stop greeting the funeral now and continue the game”, The first one answers a little embarrassed: “Don’t say so, the merciful one has worked for me for 35 years.”

This is the humor aspect of the job, but golf, which seems to be a casual game, actually requires a lot of discipline
Golf Definition:
Golf, which can be played at any age in the open air and in a natural environment, is a difficult combination of technical concentration, practical thinking, and manners in other sports.

How To Play Golf :
Golf is a game played by creating groups of two, three, or four people. on the academic course, which has 9 holes, beginners and intermediate players gain experience with long and short strokes, while the main playing field is the Championship field, which has 18 holes. The championship course is completed with 4 holes of 3 par (strokes), 10 holes of 4 par, and 4 holes of the remaining 5 par, as well as a standard par 72 ratio. Each hole has a starting point called a “Teeing” and a large mowed grass area called a “Fairway” that runs along the hole. The fairway ends at the target area called the “Green“.
The game of golf is played on 18 holes. The standard par (stroke) number of the course is deducted from the sum of the number of strokes made from the starting point to the endpoint at each hole. The decimation gives the player the number of “Handicaps”.
In golf grass, the goal is to complete each hole at or below the number of strokes. But this applies only to professional golf games. In addition to the standard par of the course among amateur golfers, the number of strokes in men is 28 or below, and the number of strokes in women is 36 or below dec, those who can complete the “Handicap” certificate can be issued

golf course map

Rules of Golf

Golf Rule Changes 2019

Serious Violation of the Label Rules
Please note that for a player who persistently violates the tag rules, and constantly offends other players intentionally with his behavior, the committee may impose a disqualification penalty for serious violation of the rules.

In order for yourself and other players on the course to get the most out of the game of golf, the “golf tag”, which means all the rules related to etiquette, safety and protection of the course, must necessarily be known. In summary, it is essential that the rights of others are respected during the game.

The Peculiarity of the Game of Golf
Unlike many other sports, the game of golf is played without the supervision of any referee or official and is based on mutual trust. All players must behave in a disciplined and sportsmanlike manner on the field and respect the rights of other players. With this feature, golf has a dec place among all sports.

General Label Rules
All golfers should demonstrate exemplary behavior both on the field and on the club premises, and especially pay attention to the following aspects:

Be respectful of the local rules of the golf resort regarding my clothing.
Find out if there are any restrictions on spikes on the bottom of golf shoes and follow the instructions.
Before you go to the place of the first start, talk to the club pro or starter and find out what you need to do.
Treat all club staff with respect.
Keep your excitement under control and never throw sticks or damage the field in anger.
Be careful not to spit and throw garbage on the site.

Before the First Starting Place
Go to the field where the competition will be held long enough in advance.
Know your correct handicap.
Get acquainted with the format of the game.
Find out the order of playing in the group you will be playing with.
Put a mark of your own on the ball you are going to play.
Listen carefully to the instructions that will be given by the starter.

At the Place of the First Start
Go to the place of the first start at least five minutes before the start time assigned to you.
Introduce yourself to the players you didn’t know before, who you will play with.
Wish the other contestants good games.
Tell the other players in your group about the type of your ball and your marking.
Play from the starting place shown by the Starter or choose a starting place that suits the players in your group.

Game Speed
Slow play prevents anyone from enjoying the game of golf. Players should always play the game stream without causing pauses. The priority right on the field belongs to the groups that play faster. It is the responsibility of the group at the back to ensure that there is no decoupling between the group at the front. If the gap is too wide, the players should give way to the fast group coming from behind, dec taking into account the number of players.

Do not make an unnecessary number of trial swings.
Get ready to take a shot in no time when it’s your turn to play. For example, put on your gloves in advance.
As soon as a safe environment is provided, move towards your ball.
Determine your distance to the target as you walk towards your ball.
Leave your bag or golf cart around the green in a position to leave the green as soon as possible.
Inspect your pata line while other players are pata, without disturbing them.
When you have completed a pit, leave the green in no time.
Save your scores on the way to the next starting place.
In case your ball gets lost outside the water barrier or goes out of bounds, be sure to play with a temporary ball.
When you need time to look for your ball, immediately give way, pointing to the group coming from behind.
When you give way to another group, wait until they pass you and get out of range.

Respect for Other Players
Do not disturb other players by moving, talking, or making unnecessary noise.
Do not place your ball on the tee before it is your turn to play at the starting place.
When a player is batting, do not stand too close, just behind the ball or the pit.
Do not step on the pata line of other players or drop your shadow on the pata line.
Do not leave the green until all the other players in your group have completed the pit.
Record scores at the end of each pit, while keeping another player’s scorecard. Get the cardholder’s approval when necessary.
Try not to use electronic tools in the field. In cases where such a device is absolutely necessary, take care not to disturb other players.

Protection of the Field
It is the responsibility of all players not to make movements that will damage the state of the field. All players should leave the field as they find it, avoiding hitting their sticks on the ground in anger or damaging the field in any other way.

At the Place of Commencement
Be careful not to hit the ground and not to lift the grass covers (divots) when doing your trial stroke at the starting place. If possible, do your trial swing outside the starting place.
Usually, it is not recommended to replace the divots that were removed at the place of start. Deteriorating places must be duly repaired by the greenkeeper.
In the event that there is a sand mixture intended for repair at the place of start, fill the spoiled places with it.
If possible, do not go to the starting place with your bag car (trolley).

On The Field
Be careful not to lift the grass covers (divots) with your trial swing. Put the shield divots in place.
Carefully fix the opened divot pits by putting the divots in place or filling the pit with soil.

Sand Barriers (Bunker)
Do not get into the sand by jumping into obstacles. Always make the entrances and exits from the lowest place of the obstacle.
When leaving the sand barrier, fix the footprints or potholes left by you or other players.
If there is a rake nearby, use it for trimming.
Leave the rake you are using in the place designated by the club. If a special place is not specified, select the place where the ball is least likely to hit.

On The Green
Always leave your golf bag outside the green.
Check if your ball has left a mark on the green and correct the mark if necessary.
On each green, fix one more ball mark, except your own.
Be careful not to damage the surface of the product with your shoes.
Be careful not to step on other players’ pata line.
Avoid standing too close to the pit.
Do not use the tip of your skate to get the ball out of the hole.
Do not lean on your sticks when removing the ball from the pit.
Use the flagpole with care and place it in its proper place before leaving the green.

Repair of Ball Scars
On the Green, it is very important to repair the ball marks quickly and with the appropriate method so that the damage caused is repaired as soon as possible. The damaged area takes on its former shape in 24 hours, if the ball scar is corrected within five minutes, and in the case of a ten-minute delay, but again in 15 days.

Correct method: Push the correction tool into the center of the clearance by sticking it on the edge of the ball mark. Then press down on the pata or let it with your foot.

Incorrect method: Do not pull the green up with the correction tool. This way you will bring the sand to the surface.

Bag Carts (Trolley) and Golf Carts (Buggy)
Follow the local rules that your club regulates in relation to all types of cars.
Do not leave your cars on or too close to the green.
When driving a golf cart, pay attention to driving safety, especially when landing and cornering.
Always press the parking brake when leaving the golf cart.
Do not ride golf carts with more people than allowed.




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