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The best panoramic view of Istanbul can be had from Camlica Hill. The distance from the 15 July Martyrs Bridge is approximately 3 kilometers (260 meters). It’s a beautiful recreational area, perfect for unwinding and taking in the breathtaking view of Istanbul from above. Breakfast and dinner with a view of the Bosphorus can be had here on the weekends. Camlica Hill, a popular spot for tourists and locals alike to get a bird’s-eye view of Istanbul since the Ottoman era, has been a significant location for lovers ever since. The subject of numerous songs, poems, and literary works, as well as appearances in early Turkish cinema, has long been recognized. There are two distinct hills that makeup Camlica Hill: the Big Camlica Hill and the Little Camlica Hill. Weekends see the most locals and tourists descending on Camlica Hill. Guides say that if you get your picture taken in Camlica, you’ll look like you’re half-Turkish. One of the best vantage points for the Bosphorus can be found atop Camlica Hill.

Camlica Hill’s Natural Setting

Following the tulip blooming schedule in April on Camlica Hill, where clean air predominates, can result in some stunning photographs. It’s a great place for newlyweds to take photos, and you can usually spot one or two wedding photographers there on the weekends. The top of Camlica Hill is often on the wish list of Arab tourists. Arabs flock to the hill for the wedding photo sessions held there. The Arabic name for the hill, Tel Arais, translates to “wedding hill.” Ancient trees, vibrant flowers, and tulips make Camlica Hill a magical place, and the surrounding air is refreshing.

Camlica Hill Attractions

Many domestic and international sightseers visit the city specifically to take in the breathtaking views of the Bosphorus. Additionally, this hill is among the best places in Istanbul to spot migratory birds. In the fall, especially in the months of September and October, this area becomes a mecca for birdwatchers from all over the world. The Bosphorus, the Prince’s Islands, the Golden Horn, and the European side of Istanbul are all visible from atop Camlica Hill. The need for transmitters to ensure reliable radio and television transmission is increasing daily, along with the pace of technological development. The TV and radio tower on Kucuk has been made possible through partnerships with regional tech companies. The goal of Camlica Hill is to improve broadcast quality and capacity to par with the best in the world. In September 2020, the tower will begin offering the streaming service. More than a hundred different radio frequencies can be sent and received simultaneously with no interference. Media transmissions aren’t the only thing the tower is good for; it also wants to serve as infrastructure for cellular communication companies. In Istanbul, the Camlica Tower, with its souvenir shop, café, and 360-degree restaurant, appears to be quite popular. The value of a vantage point like this increases exponentially when it becomes available in a major metropolis like Istanbul.

The tallest of Istanbul’s seven hills, Camlica appears in many poems and literary works. Üsküdar is home to Camlca Hill, a popular musical subject. You can see the best sunsets in the city from the top of this hill. From Camlica Hill, you can see many different parts of Istanbul, including the Prince Islands, Sultanahmet, Süleymaniye, and Ortaköy. The view, as you will see, is worthy of the Istanbul skyline it encompasses.

There are two distinct parts to the hill: the Büyük and the Küçükçamlca. Those seeking to witness the unparalleled beauty of an Istanbul sunset will be greeted with open arms here. In addition to its world-renowned panoramas, the hill is dotted with cafes where you can indulge in the singular delight that is narghile. A common post-ceremony activity for many couples is to visit Camlica Hill to celebrate their union.

Morning View of the Bosphorus for Breakfast

Istanbul, the Turkey, straddles the Bosphorus Strait, connecting Asia and Europe.

Many pavilions can be found in Camlica as a result of the high regard in which the area was held by the Ottoman sultans. Most of these pavilions still stand today, and they are a big part of what makes Camlica what it is. They are symbols of the opulence and joie de vivre of the Ottoman sultanate. Today, they make for a lovely backdrop to a leisurely brunch in Istanbul, and their natural beauty soothes the souls of many city dwellers weary of the constant hustle and bustle. Drinking a cup of tea or Turkish coffee in this setting is a great way to relax and savor the atmosphere.

The Küçük Camlica Hill is home to the Sofa, Cihannüma, Topkapi, and Su pavilions, all of which are fine examples of Ottoman architectural style. On your next trip to Istanbul, you can treat yourself to brunch while taking in the breathtaking views of the Bosphorus from one of the many restaurants housed in these pavilions. These stands sell a wide selection of snacks and beverages, both hot and cold. They’re available from 9 a.m. to midnight.


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