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The stunning scenery in and around Kusadasi, including the turquoise waters of the Aegean and the white sands of its beaches, may leave you speechless.
Kusadasi is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most stunning places to spend a summer vacation.
Here, you’ll find insider information about luxury hotels and other places to stay in Kusadasi, as well as recommendations from people who have lived there for a long time.
Get ready to swim in the turquoise waters of Kusadasi and take some incredible Instagram photos.

Kusadasi is known not only for its beautiful beaches and wildlife but also for its impressive historical and archeological sites, its network of hiking trails, and its delicious food, which is a mix of Mediterranean and Turkish dishes.
I don’t want you to miss out on the best hotels in Kusadasi, especially during the peak summer season. That’s why you need to act fast and book a table in advance to avoid missing out. You can usually cancel your hotel reservation without penalty.
The question of where to stay on Kusadasi Island must now be resolved.


Locations Within Kusadasi That Are Ideal for a Vacation

Kusadasi is a city that consists of several neighborhoods. Selecting the best one can be difficult, but I’ve included my top picks for different types of travelers below.

If you’re visiting Kusadasi for the first time or just looking for a great place to party, Old Town is your best bet.
Long Beach is ideal for a family vacation because of its many beaches.
The following places feature a large number of 5-star hotels, some of which even have water parks: Pamucak
Pygela is the premier destination for those seeking vacation homes in rural settings.
Guzelcamli is the best place in Kusadasi to stay if you’re interested in nature.
Ladies Beach (Kadinlar Denizi) is popular among both beachgoers and those on a tight budget.

Now that you know how the city is laid out and what neighborhood might be best for you, it’s time to learn more about the seven best places to stay in Kusadasi.

Nightlife and the Old Town for the first time

The downtown area of Kusadasi is a busy place with a long history as a trading port.
It’s common to hear raucous celebrations and see people out and about in the summertime. A large number of pubs, bars, and cafes can be found here.
The friendly locals of Kusadasi make it a great place to visit any time of year.
Kusadasi’s historic district is the place to be during the colder months.
A large bazaar, two shopping malls, and numerous historical attractions, including Kusadasi Castle, can all be found within the city limits. An easy passage is provided between them.
If you’re looking to relax by the water, Kusadasi is home to a few beaches, the best of which (Long Beach and Ladies’ Beach) are just a 10-minute bus ride away.

Historical Kusadasi Activities

Pigeon Island Castle in Kusadasi is a must-see.
Kusadasi is home to many excellent bars and taverns.
In Kusadasi, you can either visit the modern seaside Marina Mall or the medieval bazaar, which is filled with carpet and jewelry vendors.
This location is ideal because it is in the geographic center of Kusadasi, and from here you can reach any of the city’s many attractions in less than 15 minutes.

For those who enjoy the beach and their families, Long Beach is the place to be

Since the beach extends for miles and locals have given different names to sections of Long Beach, the total length of Long Beach is approximately 15 kilometers (10 miles).
The number of dining options and beach amenities is staggering. Here you’ll also find Kusadasi’s largest shopping mall.  The locals prefer Long Beach because it is less expensive than Kusadasi Old Town. Minibusses run between Long Beach and both the Kusadasi Town Center and Guzelcamli.

Historical Kusadasi Activities

To relax, take long strolls along Long Beach’s sandy shores. Along the shoreline, you’ll find a wide variety of dining and drinking options.
Kusadasi is known as a shopping mecca, and the bazaars in the area are among the best in Turkey.

Hotels with water parks and other amenities are a must-see.


Pamucak Beach is seven kilometers long. All-inclusive resorts are restricted to a small section of the beach. Additionally, the area is home to the majority of Kusadasi’s largest water parks.
Adaland is not only the largest water park in Turkey but also the largest in all of Europe.
Most of the beach is part of a nature preserve and is therefore off-limits to the public. The beach is undeveloped outside of the all-inclusive resorts. Beach safaris in Jeeps, ATVs, and on horses at Pamucak Beach are some of my favorite excursions.
Tiny, golden sand grains make up Pamucak Beach. There are no less expensive or more moderate options in this area, which is primarily home to high-end businesses.

Visitors to holiday villages should head to Pygela

About 5 kilometers to the north of Kusadasi’s historic district is the beach of Pygela (Pigale). The length of the sandy beach is close to a kilometer.
Although day-trippers can make the beach crowded, the places I recommend staying all have their private beaches. For hotels in that price range, I prefer Long Beach or Old Town to this area.
In this area, lots of people go water skiing, parasailing, and doing other things that involve water.
The Sehirici minibusses that run from the center of Kusadasi to this beach take only ten minutes to reach the city proper.

Ladies Beach (Kadinlar Denizi) is ideal for beach clubs
The most well-known beach in Kusadasi is called Ladies Beach. This beach has beautiful sand and is very secure. This beach is extremely shallow, beginning at a depth of just a few meters and remaining so for at least twenty to thirty more.

Services such as showers, restrooms, and upscale dining and nightlife are conveniently located near the beach. There’s a lot of action in the city at night. Day and night, there’s always something happening at Miracle and other beach clubs.
Shuttle buses run every 10 minutes to take you to Old Town.

The best place to stay in Kusadasi if you’re on a tight budget and want to be close to nature is Guzelcamli

It’s hard to find a better place to dine while taking in the ocean views than this one. This restaurant was a regular stop for my parents. To put it simply, 30 years ago, before Kusadasi’s tourism boom, Guzelcamli was what Kusadasi is today. The majority of Guzelcamli has been set aside as a national park and archaeological site. Guzelcamli was once the capital of the Union of Greek Cities (Paninon).

There are a lot of animals in the park, including wild boars, but they pose no threat to humans. They can be found looking for handouts outside stores or restaurants. The last known sighting of the Anatolian tiger was in the 1950s, and it was the only predator in the area. Comparatively, Guzelcamli is more affordable than Kusadasi.

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