Summer Vacation Sites in Turkey

Summer Vacation Sites in Turkey. The holiday dreams you set up to get out of your busy and stressful work life have been your biggest motivator for a whole year, haven’t they?

Come on, that special time you’ve been waiting for has come. Now it’s time to take a little break from all the things that keep your mind busy and breathe a little. Although it is not easy in this rich geography, the only thing that falls to you is to decide where to spend the summer holiday this year for yourself and your loved ones.

Holiday Destinations for Summer in Turkey

If you haven’t decided yet, try our list of “places to take a summer vacation in Turkey.” You can check out the most beautiful resorts in Turkey.

Popular Holiday Destinations In Turkey

Summer Vacation Sites in Turkey

Ayvalık, Balıkesir

ayvalik balikesir

Ayvalik, one of the most beautiful places to holiday, has escaped to the Aegean region of Balıkesir. As soon as you arrive, you will realize that this place already belongs to the Aegean with all its heart, soul, and joy. During your life, turn your route to this charming resort to remember Ayvalık not only with its toast but also with Cunda Island, Devil’s table, or garlic Beach.

* Want to enjoy the sea in a peaceful atmosphere? Straight To Garlic Beach…

  • We hear you say,” summer vacation can’t be without raki fish.” Then you’re at the right address. Because” Raki, fish, Ayvalik ” is always in the same sentence here.

* Give Cunda a vast space on your holiday because this is the center of shopping, nightlife, and history. Look for original gifts for your loved ones, whether from the nightstands or the day bazaar.

* Take plenty of photos as you wander the famous houses and stone streets of Cunda.

* Visit the historic olive oil and soap factory.

Alaçatı, Izmir

izmir alacati

If we make a list of “Best Places to leave” among the resorts, we will undoubtedly see no place other than Cesme at the top.

Alaçatı’s share in this irrepressible rise of Çeşme is indisputable. Alaçatı, which used to be only at the forefront of windsurfing, is now the indispensable address of the summer holidays.

Alaçatı, which is about 90 km from Izmir, meets you with windmills that are the symbol of this place along the way.

A colorful summer holiday awaits you in Alaçatı with its boutique hotels, extremely stylish venues, a combative sea that surfing enthusiasts cannot give up, and authentic Bazaar.

* Do not miss the windmills that are the symbol of this place when you have come to Alaçatı. The windmills, which have a history of 150 years, are of great interest to tourists.

  • Every resort has a small or large Bazaar, but Alaçatı’s Bazaar is far above expectations. Do not look for another place to shop, and you can be sure that you will find everything you are looking for in the Alaçatı Bazaar.

* If you want to remember colorful stone houses when you return home, take many photos here.

* If you come across, watch the surfing competitions here on the spot.

* Participate in the Alaçatı weed festival, where there is a record number of participants every year.

Eski Foca, Izmir

old foca izmir

If Izmir is the Pearl of the Aegean, The Pearl of Izmir is undoubtedly Foca. Foca is also one of the rare beauties that has been able to protect itself over the years without causing too much damage.

Phokaia, which got its name from the Mediterranean seals that lived in its sea, is divided into old Foca and New Foca. Both places are flooded with tourists, but there is a big difference between them.

As The New Foca has lost its old appearance with the constructions, The Old Foca is at the forefront because it has remained the same for many years. It gives people the peace they seek with its small port area, countless fishing boats, clean decks, old Greek houses converted into boutique hotels, and narrow alleyways.

* Enter a fisher on the beach and eat delicious appetizers, fresh fish that have just been caught. And remember that it is customary in Old Foça, when drinking raki, the conversation opens with the side tables, and the glasses clink.

* If you want an activity other than raki, listen to live music groups in authentic cafes and bars.

* Go to Fig Island, sickle Island, and Siren rocks by participating in a boat tour and see the SEALs who continue their natural life at Siren rocks.

* Go to the surrounding islands and coves with daily Blue tours. Don’t forget to eat ice cream on the islands you go to.

* Discover the temple of Athena, the Sanctuary, and the theatre inherited from the Hellenistic period.

* See the Persian mausoleum, known as the” stone house,” located 7 km from Foca.

* As a result of the excavations, M.He. Visit the archaic wall and The Wall of Herodotus, with arrows, spearheads, ancient catapult cannonballs used in a battle that proved to have taken place in 546.

* See the historic windmills on Top of Top Mountain on the left side as you descend the hill towards Foca. Only you will see the windmills planned for restoration and are about to be demolished, perhaps the final version before they are renovated.

* Discover the Devil’s Bath, a family rock tomb discovered by carving rocks at the foot of Bell Hill, 2 km from the district center.

* Visit the old Foca Bazaar and cute gift shops; we are sure that you will get more gifts than you plan and can not withstand prices’ affordability.


KAS-Kalkan, Antalya

kas kalkan

One of the most popular places to holiday in Turkey is Kas. Each district of Antalya, the Paradise corner of our country, is a different world. Eyebrow, of course, is one of them.

Kas, which makes holidaymakers happy, especially when it comes to camping, is also an ideal region for those who like to dive.

For a holiday experience that will make you fidget, you need to go a 3-hour drive from the center of Antalya to Kas.

* Participate in Kas Camping, which offers you a cheerful atmosphere where you will mingle with tourists coming from all over the world in their caravans.

  • Do not pass without saying that this place is ideal for diving; if you do not have diving experience, join 4-5-meter exploration tours.

* Although Patara is large, Kaputaj Beach is just as small and cute. Although don’t look at what we call cute, Kaputaj’s Sea is quite choppy, so those who don’t know how to swim don’t get close here. Let’s take the confidence like this.

* Do not miss the festivities on the Gömbe Plateau, which resembles Paradise.

* Canoe right next to the ancient city of Simena.


Bozcaada, Çanakkale

canakkale bozcaada

Do you think it will ever happen without Bozcaada being included in Turkey’s list of summer holidays? If you’re going to Bozcaada for the first time, you’re fortunate because the first feelings here are impossible to describe. Every time, you want to taste these feelings all over again, as if it were the first time you were leaving.

If you want to embrace a completely different world, free from the whole world, almost isolated from noise, this hidden paradise, where the Greek and Turkish peoples have lived brotherly throughout history, is the place for you.

* Go to Bozcaada Castle and take in the unique panoramic view of the island.

* Don’t forget to photograph every moment while visiting the Greek quarter, which is the island’s historical side.

* Your loved ones will definitely expect Bozcaada wine from you; take note.

* If you have the opportunity, join the Vintage Festival, which is at least as famous as the Bozcaada Jazz Festival.

* If you want to breathe Bozcaada step by step, street by street, rent a bike from the center and create your own route.

Fethiye, Muğla

fethiye coast

Mugla is one of the holiday cities of Turkey. Fethiye is another pearl of Muğla.

Fethiye, which was inherited from the Lycians to the Romans, who established a rich life here in ancient times, and then to the present day, is always frequented by those who want to make a holiday away from the noise and crowds.

To go to Oludeniz, which is identified with Fethiye, you will only need to go 10 km away from the center.

* Eat fish bread or tantuni in a shabby place on the cord. And try the famous snow halva here.

* Take part in a daily twelve-Island tour from the port.

* Caretta caretta, if you want to be a neighbor with turtles, let’s take you to the beach of work.

* Do not miss the Valley of butterflies, located 5 km from Oludeniz, and get its name from butterflies living in the region.

* Enjoy nature in pumpkin Bay, where you will witness a thousand shades of blue and green.

Popular Destinations for Summer in Turkey

Kuşadası, Aydın

aydin kusadasi

What can a person expect from summer vacation, really?! Sea, sand, sun, and nature. As a result of this formula, an infinite sense of peace is formed, whether you want it or not.

There is an extraordinary place between Izmir and Aydin’s borders among the peaceful, quiet, economic routes to be held for summer holidays in Turkey, and it is the most important holiday resort in the country Kusadasi. Ephesus is close to the ancient city is just one of the dozens of reasons for you to come here.

Kusadasi, one of the most tourist attractions in our country, will conquer you from your heart with its nightlife.

* Choose women’s Beach, the most popular beach in Kusadasi, to go to the sea and sunbathe.

* Are you hungry for a good village breakfast or wine, good news! Smurf is not far from you…

* Be sure to see Kuşadası Pigeon Island Castle located in the center because you can’t go back without seeing a place in most magnets about Kusadasi.

* Kusadasi is home to some of the largest and most fun aqua parks in Turkey. This fantastic experience will sweep you off your feet.

* If you can match it, join the Kusadasi Youth Festival, which is organized every year in July.


Datça, Muğla

mugla datca

Do you want to cross a warm bridge between the Aegean and the Mediterranean? You will find exactly the flavor you are looking for in Datça. In Datça, which is essentially a peninsula, there are exactly 52 different bays.

The first choice of those who want to come to Datça from Bodrum is the ferry. Datça, which can be reached from Izmir in 4 hours, is a hybrid place that has taken the typical Aegean villages and the Mediterranean Sea’s turquoise sea.

Datça, which offers a calmer atmosphere in contrast to popular resorts, awaits its visitors with its history and wide coastline dating back to ancient times.

* Is Datca referred to Without Can Yucel? Here you will find a street dedicated to Grand Master Can Yücel, one of the symbols of Datça, and a house open to visitors; be sure to visit.

* Make your way to Kumluk Beach to swim in ice-cool waters.

* Get plenty of Datça’s famous almonds and marzipan, whether for yourself or your loved ones.

* Do not miss the opportunity to see the ancient city of Knidos, the cultural and artistic center of the ancient period.

* The island of Simi, located on the borders of Greece, is located at the foot of the nose of Datca, so to speak. Take daily tours by ferry. Those with green and Yesil passports have no visa problems for Simi. Those with Maroon passports must obtain a Schengen visa in advance.


Belek, Antalya

antalya belek

11 on our list. During Antalya, 30 km away from Belek var.

Well, Belek means golf. Belek, which has world-class golf facilities in a real sense, is not only with this. It offers its visitors restaurants where they will have a good time, shopping opportunities that they can do like crazy, a Long Beach and modern hotels.

If you want to explore historical places while on vacation, let’s be intertwined with nature, and our sport is not missing; your address is apparent.

In Belek, consisting of two villages named Kadriye and Belek, the two villages are connected by an 8 km road, waiting to be discovered.

* Examine the Greek architectural wonder Aspendos Theatre and its most important part, the stage building. Discover the red zigzag motifs from the Seljuk period on the building.

* Go to the upper part of the Acropolis, where the other remains of Aspendos are located.

* See 1 km long aqueducts that have emerged with great engineering.

* Explore the ancient city of Perge, a well-preserved “water city” on the UNESCO World Heritage list, from its colonnaded street to its monumental fountains.

* Take photos at Kursunlu waterfall, which is hidden among pine trees and contains hundreds of bird species.

Cirali-Olympos-Adrasan, Antalya

antalya olympos

And don’t ignore the opportunity to evaluate destinations close to each other, rather than limiting your summer vacation to one place. 3 at a time, those who want to break the holiday resort recently frequented by Cirali, Olympos, and Adrasan, located to the west of Antalya.

Although Olympos is very popular, especially among young university people who like to camp, Cirali and Adrasan have not yet been discovered. The main reason for this is that transportation is a little more difficult compared to other areas. Located on average 30 km away from Kemer, this trio is the resort that complements each other in every sense.

Add the Çıralı-Olympos-Adrasan line to your notes in advance for a modest and noisy summer holiday.

* Take a cable car to climb to the top of Mount tahtali in Olympus.

* 7 BC. Do not leave Adrasan without seeing the ancient city of Phaselis, which is leftover from the century.

* Visit the famous Yanartash located in Çıralı, where gases leaking from the underground cause these stones to burn for many years.

* Take boat tours to see Suluada, which is located in Adrian and is called “Little Maldives” by locals.

* Visit the historic Roman bathhouse, close to mount Moses in Olympus.

Akyaka, Muğla

mugla akyaka

Akyaka’s reputation is undoubtedly far beyond Ula, to which he depends. Located just 18 km from Muğla city center, Akyaka is essentially an ancient fishing town.

You know, some places are like a secret port where you take refuge, so you don’t want it to be discovered or popularized. Although Akyaka has recently begun to receive attention, it gives you exactly this feeling. Its entry into the list of “calm cities of Turkey” in 2011 is the clearest indication of this.

In short, if you are looking for a holiday where you will rest your soul, you should go to Muğla Akyaka.

* Explore the round tea on the Koycegiz road.

* You can get the most delicious fish you can eat from the Akyaka cooperative at the most affordable price…

* Take a slow tour between the streets and examine the Akyaka houses, which have received an architectural award.

* If you do not want to stay in a hotel or hostel, evaluate Akyaka Forest Camp.

* If you like cold and hard seas, your destination in Akyaka will be Sycamore Beach.

To get detailed information about the places to enter the sea in Akyaka, you should definitely check our article on the best beaches and Bays of Akyaka.

Gökçeada, Çanakkale

canakkale bozcaada

From Canakkale, Bozcaada enters our list, and Gokceada is never missing? If you think that the local and foreign tourists who come to Çanakkale are only interested in the city center’s historical areas, you are wrong. Gökçeada Canakkale is one of the most visited places by those who come from outside the city.

You can reach Gökçeada by sea bus or ferry.

A silence created by abandoned Greek houses in Gökçeada, where accommodation opportunities suitable for all bags are noted, is not felt. However, the fact that every road goes to sea here will make you very happy.

* It’s not easy to find such beautiful sunflower fields elsewhere; enter them and get lost…

* Stop by the Yoruk tent, which contains interesting cultural codes, and eat tandoori here.

* Go to Aydıncık Bay and experience surfing.

* Sit in the shade of a 630-year-old tree in tepeköy; he will tell you about the island.

  • There are several alternatives here to enter the sea, but the ideal option is Laz Bay.

Assos, Çanakkale

canakkale assos

Cute or cute, sweet or sweet … yes, you have noticed where we are talking; Assos is one of the most preferred places for a holiday with its oxygen-rich air and historical texture. But if we look at why it is preferred, it is preferred by those who want more calm and serenity than those looking for entertainment and a lot of party places.

Assos is located directly opposite Lesbos Island, one of the places where Istanbulites who want to escape from business life and City stress make a weekend getaway with a 5 – 6-hour journey thanks to the Fast Ferry.

Just Istanbulites? From Izmir, Assos receives tourists from everywhere.

And because of its romantic mood, it’s perfect for a honeymoon holiday.

If you are going to Assos, we have 3 village suggestions that we think you should see. Visit Ayvacık, famous for its olive oil and hand weaving, Adatepe, known for its local flavors and being one of the villages with the highest oxygen rate in the world, and Yeşilyurt, popular with its variety of local flavors and stone houses sold in stalls set up on its streets.

So what should be done in Assos? Let’s see it.

  • First, of course, the ancient city of Assos is a place to see. Located on the summit of a volcanic hill and overlooking the island of Lesbos, this city was once home to many dominions such as Lydia, Persia, and Rome. It is known that during his period, Aristotle also lived in Assos and founded a school of philosophy.

* Let the Temple of Athena be the first place you step in the ancient city. You will love this place, which combines nature with history due to the sea view’s beauty.

* See the Old Port of Assos, the largest port in antiquity and has lost nothing of its ancient air.

* Explore rare galley paintings in the Khudavendigar mosque with a square plan and a single dome.

* Get the opportunity to enter the Clean Sea of Kadırga Village, which is 2 km from Assos, with the Blue Flag Award. Let’s remind you that the sheep water is cold.

  • If you are looking for a different place to enter the sea, go to Sokakağzi Bay, a virgin Bay. Admire the combination of the sea–blue duo in this bay covered with olive trees.

* Be sure to taste ravioli or seafood in Sokakağzi Village, one of the charming Aegean villages.

* Visit Behramkale Village at the top of the ancient port, get lost in its streets.


Marmaris, Muğla

mugla marmaris

Marmaris, one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey, which has never lost its popularity for many years, is a favorite of domestic and foreign tourists.

Marmaris and its surroundings, which attract attention with its clear coves and clean beaches surrounded by forests, have hosted many civilizations since ancient times. The tourist aspect has developed more in history because the civilizations are very different from each other. Despite this, we will talk about beautiful historical places as well as beaches and coves.

* Clean beaches Icmeler Beach, Turunç public beach, Uzunyali Beach, Cleopatra Island / Cedar Island Beach, and Orhaniye / Kızkumu Beach see. Since each of them is in different places and has different qualities, we recommend that you thoroughly research and go to whatever you want before you go. For example, the Turunç public beach is ideal for diving tourism due to its underwater caves.

* Go to Bördübet Bay, Kumlubük Bay, and bead Bay from the famous bays. There are also facilities in bead Bay.

* Here is the symbol of Marmaris; here is Marmaris Castle. Apart from this castle (Marmaris Museum), the Archaeological Hall, Ethnography Hall, and art gallery are waiting for you.

* Heirloom Hafsa Sultan caravanserai from the Ottoman Empire is also one of the places you should see with its architecture.

* For diving lovers, the chimney cave is a favorite for those who want to take photos with shrimp and cardinalfish.

* Go to Marmaris carpet Ahmet Urkay Museum, where there are sculptures, ornaments, rugs, wooden items, and much more belonging to ancient civilizations.

* The Old Bazaar, located in the central bazaar, also called the historical Bedesten, is a bazaar where purchases are made for leather, silk, carpets and fabrics, and local delicacies such as honey and jam. You can go there and buy gifts for your loved ones.

* Walk to the ancient city of Amos, located on Asarlık Hill, and enjoy the views that Amos offers you.

Dalyan, Muğla

mugla dalyan

Dalyan, which always knows how to maintain its calm air despite the population growth, is 19 on our list. In order.

Dalyan, one of the most preferred spots of Muğla, offers calm and peace as a service to its visitors in summer and winter.

The beach is world-famous but not only that. Let’s see what should be done in Dalyan.

* Go to 5 km long Iztuzu Beach with fresh water on one side and saltwater on the other and swim fraternally with sea turtles.

* Take photos at sunset at Lake Sulygur, covered with lush trees and reeds. Enjoy the restaurant’s view where local delicacies are served, along with the pleasure of delicious dishes.

* Discover the ancient city of Kaunos, which is important for its rock tombs, the castle, city walls, theater, church, fountain, temples, port, and cemeteries.


Side, Antalya

antalya side

The reason side attracts so many tourists is undoubted that it is open to extreme sports and the natural beauties it offers.

Side, which foreign tourists also frequent because it gives the two together, has proven itself with its 9 Blue Flag beaches.

* Discover the historical gate, the ancient theater, agora, agora bath, and Temple of Apollo in the ancient city of Side, one of Roman architecture’s most important works.

* Go to The Side museum with reliefs and artifacts from the Byzantine, Hellenistic and Roman periods, as well as Roman sculptures and more.

* Examine the historical ruins of the ancient city of Seleucia near Manavgat.

* Go to the sea on the beaches of Titreyengöl, Çolaklı, Sorgun, and Kumköy, as beautiful as the public beach of Side.

  • For those who want to do Rafting, we recommend Köprülü Canyon 60 km from the side.

* Go to Altınbeşik cave, where you will ride the boat and visit the interior, and crown this pleasure with a cup of tea.

* Enjoy Manavgat waterfall, one of Turkey’s most beautiful waterfalls, located 15 minutes from Side Center.

Bodrum, Muğla

mugla marmaris

Of course, Bodrum is at the top of our list of holiday destinations. Bodrum is perhaps the most well-known and most mentioned holiday destination. In Turkey, when we combine the words sea, sand, sun, the first place that falls into our minds is Bodrum for most of us.

Of course, it would be a little unfair to associate Bodrum, a lively district in four seasons, mainly only with the summer season. Despite this, it is undeniable that the region’s average population increases to 10 times in the summer.

In Bodrum, formerly Halicarnassus, you will find not only the sun, the sparkling sea, or the wide beaches but also the footprints of thousands of years of history and the mystery of mythology. Bodrum Castle, which has been awarded the title of “Best Museum of the year” for a period, is located in the district’s heart.

* When you get the Sea’s opportunity, stop by the Museum of underwater Arekology and the Ancient Theater. Bodrum, one of the largest districts of Muğla, also attracts attention with its nightlife, where tourists feel its presence from good to better. If we say that one of the 7 Wonders of the world is in Bodrum… do not miss the opportunity to see Halicarnassus’ mausoleum, built in the name of King Maussollos, who died in 377 BC.

* Go to Bitez Beach, which has a beach length of 700 meters and a beach width of 20 meters, and enjoy the sea and sun-like sheets.

* You have certainly heard that Zeki Müren is from the basement. Then don’t come back to Bodrum without visiting the Zeki Muren Art Museum.

* Explore Dibeklihan culture and Art Village, where you can always find an event, interview, exhibition, or show.

* If you want to conquer Bodrum from the inside, Join daily boat tours. From the sea, you will feel that you are embracing the whole Bodrum.

Alanya, Antalya

antalya alanya

Is it not normal for 4 resorts from Antalya to enter our list? After all, we are talking about a city that is the capital of Tourism. Alanya is the most popular district of this capital.

In Alanya, where tourism feels most intense, you encounter so many foreign tourists that you think you are in a foreign country for a moment. Alanya, where millions of people have been waiting all year to visit, known to the whole world, is considered lucky to be right next to us.

Located 130 km from the center of Antalya, Alanya is a unique place that promises numerous accommodation facilities, food and entertainment, Beach, Bay, and unusual activities.

* Explore Alanya Castle and Kızılkule, which bear the traces of many civilizations from the Roman period to the Ottomans.

* A karst cave discovered in 1948, the Damlatash Cave… go, albeit for healing purposes. Because there is a belief that this cave is good for some diseases.

* Do not end your Alanya tour without touching the warm sands of Cleopatra Beach.

* Visit Alanya Atatürk House, where about 295 works are exhibited.

* Taste local delicacies such as Alibaba Sarma, Laba, Göleviz, and Orphan halva.

Gumbet, Muğla

mugla gumbet

Another of the most visited places, Gumbet, located 3 km from Bodrum and has been flooded by foreign tourists in recent years, is especially preferred by families with children because it has a Long Beach.

Gumbet, which foreign tourists and love water sports highly prefer, has become increasingly popular.

* Swim on 1 km long sandy Gumbet Beach surrounding Gumbet Bay.

* For those interested in Windsurfing, parasailing, and water skiing, let’s remind them that Gumbet Bay and Beach are very suitable for water sports.

  • Not only what we mentioned above, but Gumbet Bay and its surroundings also serve as an ideal diving point. You can also participate in organized diving tours.

* Examine the historical texture of the Mindos gate and see the vaults dating from the Hellenistic and Roman periods around it.

* Visit local markets established daily and buy gifts for your loved ones from Bodrum sandals, craft products, and textile products.

* Join the movement and energy of nightlife on Bar Street.


Kemer, Antalya

antalya kemer

We end our list again with a resort from Antalya; after all, headliners come last: Kemer.

Kemer, which some call” Little Russia,” is a place that Russian tourists prefer heavily, as seen from this analogy.

Almost every day of the year is sunny in Kemer, one of the leading players in terms of Country Tourism.

Because all the places to visit are very close to each other, you can explore most of the Kemer on foot.

Just open the doors of this hidden paradise on Toros’ outskirts to give you the right to full summer vacation.

* Explore the 540 km Lycian Way, which is in the top 10 worldwide in terms of long-distance walking areas, on foot or by bike.

* Visit Olympos Beydağları National Park, which covers a total area of 34 thousand hectares. Store plenty of oxygen in the area, where there are natural habitats and awesome kızılçam forests.

* Moonlight Beach, located in a bay to the west of Kemer, is the right address for entering the sea and enjoying the sun.

* Go to Goynuk Canyon, which attracts attention with its huge waterfalls with daily tours. If you want to camp, you can also use your preference in favor of Goynuk Canyon.

* Climb to the top of the 2,300-meter-long Tahtali Mountain by cable car and watch the breathtaking view

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