The Bosphorus Bridge was built between the years 1970-1973.

The bridge is linking Europe and Asia continents in Istanbul/TURKEY. The Bosphorus Bridge has 64 mt. High from the water, and its pillars are 178 mt.

The bridge is only for cars and transportation, but walking is not allowed for sightseeing or across.


The Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz built the Beylerbeyi Palace in 1861-1865. The architects are Sarkis and Agop Balyan brothers. The Beylerbeyi Palace was designed as a summer palace.

Unlike the other Ottoman palaces, Beylerbeyi Palace does not have a heating system. Moreover, the palace has a swimming pool. The palace has Gothic and Neo-classic architectures.

It has two floors and is ornated with gold-plated columns, mosaics, paintings. Beylerbeyi Palace consists of 24 rooms, 1 hamam, 1 bathroom, 6 kiosks in the garden. The palace is located on the Asian side by the Bosphorus. The palace is a museum today.

During your visit, you can see the original meeting rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms. One of the last Ottoman Sultans, Abdulhamid II, passed away in Beylerbeyi Palace in 1918. you can see his study room, bedroom, and bathroom today.


It was built by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1857 and asked to design Baroque style to architect Garabet Balyan and his son Nicogos Balyan. There was a two-story timber palace in the reign of Mahmut I. Difference occurred by its walls that on other palaces you can see surrounded by cast-iron railings with one gate at four sides. It seems like a Turkish traditional house on the interior side, but as a palace, marbles are Italian crystal chandeliers from Bohemia, With Curtains, and Carpets from Hereke.

During the time of Sultan Abdulaziz, Some of the original garden buildings were demolished. It was renovated in 1944 then opened as a museum. The palace can be better seen from the Bosphorus.


Also known as Leander’s Tower as well as Kız Kulesi in Turkish. There are many legendary stories about the tower, and the most popular one is; there was a king, and the king had a beloved daughter. The monks told the king that a snake would bite his daughter on her 18th birthday.

Then the king built the tower so that his daughter would be far away from the land and avoid the snake. But the prophecy did not stop following. One day, the servants brought some grapes with baskets, and a snake was lurking among the grapes. Finally, the snake bites her.

This ancient tower stands on a rocky outcrop at the entrance to the Bosphorus just offshore Uskudar. It is presently used as a lighthouse. The original tower in the 12th century by the Byzantine Emperor Manuel Comnenos (1143-1180), who aimed to find a firm foundation for the chais, used to close off the Bosphorus to sea traffic. Today, Maiden’s Tower is one the most popular restaurants in Istanbul. The Maiden’s Tower can be better seen from the Bosphorus.


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